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Axles & Quick Release

Thru axle or quick release? Still a mystery? No, meanwhile, the stub axles have prevailed and replace the quick release. In our shop you will find plenty of thru axles, in all versions and colors, of course you also get quick release for your bike with us.
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The thru-axle was first used by fork manufacturers to increase the torsional stiffness of the fork. Due to the larger diameter of the thru axle, compared to an axis of quick releases, this has been achieved. The disadvantage, of course, is that another hub is required. The different systems are not compatible. The slightly higher weight of a thru-axle is no longer a problem nowadays, because thru axles have arrived at almost the same level as quick releases. Also the selection of thru axles is available for all standards, light, colorful, with different clamping mechanisms of Tune, Carbon Ti, Cruel Components, DT Swiss, Extralite, Rock Shox and many more. Clamp adjusters remain in the program and are indispensable for the many classic fans.