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Shozaburo Shimano had one goal since he founded Shimano in 1921 - the prodcuts have to be one of the best worldwide. Since then the advance of Shimano begins. Today the manufacturer of bicycle components is the market leader in the segment of drivetrains, brakes and various bicycle accessories. Regardless of whether road bike, mountain bike or trekking bike - Shimano components are offering the best functionality from beginners to professionals. The evolution of the drivetrain has been pushed constantly. Comfort, weight and function are reaching new dimensions again and again. Therefore Shimano is the leader of electronic drivetrains in mass production and their connection with other components. So it's possible to control suspension elements, cameras, bicycle computer and dropper posts via the Shimano Controlcenter.

Di2 - Digital Integrated Intelligence
The Di2 shifting system solves the problem of power loss when transmitting power to the drive system. Di2 enables not only the first time, but every time immediate, precise and lightning-fast shifting at the touch of a button. Even under extreme conditions, the shifting works precisely and in a controlled manner. It enables smooth shifting even under maximum load on climbs or when accelerating. shifting.

The SERVOWAVE brake lever absorbs a lot of braking distance at the beginning of its movement, so that the pads can be guided to the brake disc with little lever travel. After the brake pad is applied, the power transmission factor increases rapidly. The greater part of the lever travel is thus still available to increase the braking force and to and to dose the braking force in a more targeted manner. The initially large distance between the brake disc and the brake pad The initial large distance between the brake disc and the brake pad means that the disc brakes remain smooth and quiet even in the cradle.

The HOLLOWTECH II technology was designed to produce an optimised crankset that minimises the amount of power the rider needs to drive. The high stiffness of the crankset ensures the efficiency of power transmission when pedalling, while at the same time its low weight relieves the rider. To reconcile these demands, SHIMANO developed HOLLOWTECH, an extremely light, hollow crank arm with maximum stiffness. HOLLOWTECH II sets new standards by integrating the bottom bracket axle with the right crank arm, thus enabling higher stiffness with lower weight.

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