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Frequent questions

How long is the delivery time and what are the shipping costs?
I would like to return items. How do I do this?
How long does it take to process and refund my return?
How can I claim items that are defective?

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  Order questions

How is the availability display in the item description to be understood?
Do I have to create a customer account to be able to order?
Can I order by phone?
Can I change an order I have already placed (e.g. article or delivery address) or even cancel it?
How can I check the status of my order?
I could not find a certain item in your range. Could you reserve this for me?
My desired item shows delivery date unknown as availability. Can I still order?
I do not live within the EU. Do I need to pay VAT?
Why is there a minimum order value for the countries Great Britain, Norway and Singapore?
Different prices are displayed in the shop. Why is that?
I am a business customer, have a VAT ID number (EU) and would like to shop without VAT. How do I do this?

  Payment questions

Which payment methods are accepted?
When will I get an invoice?
When will my PayPal account or credit card be charged?

  Shipping & delivery questions

How long is the delivery time and what are the shipping costs?
Which shipping service provider will be used to send my parcel?
Will I receive a tracking number to follow my parcel?
Will my order automatically be partially delivered if items are not available from stock?
How do I enter the address of the DHL packing station or post office correctly?
Are there any customs duties, taxes or fees for deliveries outside the EU?
Can you send my order by express?
What can I do if I have received the wrong item?
Can I collect my order myself?
I would like to export my order from Germany to a non-EU country.
Where can I find more information about shipping & delivery?

  Questions about returns, refunds & complaints

I would like to return items. How do I do this?
How long can I return items?
Do I have to pay for the return shipping?
How long do you need to finish my return?
Can I exchange returned items for other items?
A product from my order has a defect. What should I do?
European online dispute resolution

  Account questions

How can I change my password or renew if I have forgotten it?
Where can I manage my shipping or billing addresses?
How can I delete my customer account?

  Voucher questions

How do I redeem a voucher?
Can I redeem more than one voucher per order?
What happens if I return goods?
What if the amount of the order is higher than the amount of the voucher?
Can you pay out the value or the remaining amount of the voucher?

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