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Rim Tape

Rim tapes for tubeless and tubeless tubing systems for all rim widths can be found here. Also for you as Fatbike pilot we have rim bands in many widths and above all nice colors in the assortment.
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The rim tape on bicycles is used to cover the nipple holes on the inside of the rim, so that the hose does not press into the holes and breaks. Mostly it consists of fabric tape, rubber or plastic less often made of light latex. With the introduction of tubeless systems also in the bike sector, an airtight rim tape was also needed. This was glued as a self-adhesive tape, directly on the inside of the rim. It seals the spoke holes both airtight, as well as mechanically. The rim tapes are made of polyamide fibers, as this material is tear and tensile strength and has a very smooth surface. This form of rim tapes have now become widely accepted because they are equal in handling and function of the traditional rim bands.