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Spokes & Nipples

What do you need for a perfect wheel? Of course, first of all hubs and rims, of course, but then it gets really exciting ... Spokes and spoke nipples are often taken into consideration for a new wheel. Wrong, for a perfect, lightweight, stable wheel for your application just the spokes are worth considering. Here in the shop you will find all versions of spokes from SAPIM.

SAPIM spokes have been a household name in the bicycle industry for almost a hundred years, whether the development of the CX-RAY spoke in 1997 or the D-LIGHT spoke in 2009, SAPIM is always concerned with the spoke. With a flair for the material, with technology and perfectionism, the right spokes for your bike are created in Belgium. The details, such as the high-quality stainless steel, rolled threads, the optimal bending length of 2.9 mm are the tools necessary to produce a perfect memory.
DT-SWISS, another manufacturer of spokes at our shop, is one of the traditional Swiss companies. Although DT-SWISS was founded in 1997, the roots of spokes production date back centuries. As part of the management buy-out, spoke production was removed from the company Vereinigte Drahtwerke Biel. This was the beginning of the successful production of spokes under the name DT-SWISS. The produced spokes are also of perfect quality, Made in Switzerland.
So that you can also build your bike wheel, you can find all spokes, whether JBend or Straightpull spokes, in our shop.