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Tune: It all started with a weight problem...

At the end of the 80ies bikes weren?t light at all. This was a really big deal for Uli Fahl, which leaded into the foundation of Tune in 1989. The triumph began with a lightweight quick release for mountain bikes, which became iconic immediately within the bike scene. After that, subtle bottom brackets with titanium spindles and superlight aluminium cranks followed. By that time, Tune has already become a well-known lightweight specialist.

The high tech hubs Mig & Mag, which let the wheelsets become even lighter, paved the way for Tunes summit attempt. Today all bike components such as hubs, cranks, stems, hubs, seat postsand head sets are developed, CNC-shaped and produced in the Black Forest in Germany. The procession of carbon material is becoming more and more important for Tune. saddles, bars and rims made of this precious fibre are available at the online shop.

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