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Brake Hoses

Brake lines for hydraulic brakes for your bike can be found in many colors and versions in our shop. If you have problems in identifying the right line, then contact our support team. - ##### -
Finding the right brake line is not that difficult. It is important to know which brake fluid may be used in your brake system. There are both brake lines for DOT brake fluid, as well as for mineral oil as brake fluid and as a special feature water (with 20% glysantin) for the BFO H2O brake. It is important, for the brake fluid used, to choose the appropriate brake line, otherwise it comes to leaks and in the worst case to brake failure.
Another point is to choose the right adaptation, each brake manufacturer has its own system for attaching the brake line to the brake system. As a universal talent here is the Jagwire brake line system to call, which allows a subsequent adaptation to other brake systems.
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