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Lightweight: There are those tales...

? That tell you about people with loads of passion and know-how, who are crafting at a secret product in their garages and finally change the world with it. This one is from Heinz Obermayer and his partner. It all started with carbon parts for cars and carbon wheels for Sulkys in the 80ies. A hint led to the development of the first bike road wheelsets. The nowadays worldwide known wheelsets exist since 1995. With the takeover from CarbonSports in 2003, Lightweight gained a lot of new know-how and put it in their wheelsets and other first class products.

Today, Lightweight got miscellaneous products in their portfolio, such as frames, forks, forks, bars and bottle cages. The passion for details, the desire for top efficiency and the high precision production constitutes Lightweights products. They build the most exclusive bike components and parts for race bikes on which already the best cyclists of the world have won their competitions.

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