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The success of Scott began in year 1958...

When the US-American engineer Ed Scott developed the first ski stick made of aluminium and revolutionized the market with it. This success was the base for the nowadays famous producer of sport and bike accessories. The first mountain bike was presented in 1986 ? and already in 1989 Greg Lemond won the Tour de France with an aerodynamic bar which was developed by Scott.

Scott's priority is to refine and develop ever and ever: light frames (as the lightest bike race frame made of carbon with a weight of only 700g) or a new innovative suspension system for mountain bikes - Scott will always surprise you with fresh, innovative ideas. The company, which is located in Switzerland, supports miscellaneous pro bike teams which are very successful in international competitions. Beside bikes and first class bike parts like frames, helmets, sunglasses and bike wear, Scott develops also parts for skiing, motocross and running.

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