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    MUC-OFF Cleaning Set 8 in 1

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      MUC OFF Cleaning Kit 8 in 1

      Washing, protect, lubricate - extensive cleaning!

      MUC-OFF Bike Cleaning Bike Cleaner 1000 ml with sprayer

      Muc-Off Nano technology eliminates literally dirt and grime on the nanoscale.
      This corresponds to 1/80000 of the diameter of a human hair. Thus dirt at this level does not stand a chance. The Bike Cleaner contains no harmful acids, is CFC-free, does not contain solvents and is fully biodegradable.

      MUC-OFF Bike Spray 500ml

      The Bike Spray leaves a dry, non-adhesive protective film on your bike and protects frame, metal parts, plastics, rubber, paint and carbon. The high proportion of PTFE prevents moisture from penetrating and adhering dirt. Thanks to the oil content also for moving parts to lubricate.

      MUC-OFF Expanding Microcell Sponge

      This sponge has been adjusted by the size and shape specially adapted to the requirements at the bike wash.

      MUC-OFF Various brushes

      Contains 4 different brushes for special intended uses on the bicycle.

      Technical specifications:

      Color: black, magenta


      1x Bike Cleaner 1000 ml
      1x Bike Spray 500ml
      1x Detail Brush
      1x Soft Washing Brush
      1x Double Brush
      1x Triangle Brush
      1x sprocket Brush
      1x Microcell Sponge
      1x bucket with lid (available as a washing tub)


      1500 ml = 42,50 Euro
      1000 ml = 28,33 Euro