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    • Front Hubs for MTB wheels are available in all shapes, variants, colors and for your chosen application. To find the right front hub, you should pay attention to some important parameters. First, there is the choice of the right axle standard, so that the front hub fits into your fork. There are now a variety of different ways. For later conversions many front hubs are convertible to other axle standards. Furthermore, the brake should fit to your favorite brake system, here is the choice easy. There are currently 2 systems available, the Shimano own Centerlock disc mount and the more widespread 6-hole recording. Now only the number of spokes and the spokes receiver have to be decided. There are both front hub for S-bend (with offset), as well as front hub for Straightpull (with straight head) spokes. The number of spokes depends on the selected rim. Finally, there is still the possibility to choose the right color for your MTB front hub.
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