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SHIMANO GRX Disc Brake Shift- | Brakelever ST-RX810 + BR-RX810 Flat Mount 2x11-speed | Set

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SHIMANO GRX Disc Brake Shift | Brake lever ST-RX810 + BR-RX810 Flat Mount 2x 11-speed | set

Gravel bikes are becoming increasingly popular among cyclists. The advantages are apparent. They have a more comfortable geometry than racing bikes, are also excellent to ride off the beaten track and are suitable for longer journeys. However, conventional racing bike components have reached their limits with these bikes. That's why Shimano has developed its own shifting groups especially for this type of bike.

The GRX shift-brake levers have a different grip geometry and surface. The upper humps have been raised so that you cannot slip forward on rough ground. A recess for the thumb ensures a firm grip in difficult terrain at all times. And so that your hands don't slide back and forth when driving in the rain, a non-slip material was chosen, which also has good damping properties and thus increases comfort.
As usual, the dual-control lever of the GRX series offers outstanding ergonomics. The crisp switching operations are short, precise and can be carried out with little finger strength. This means you never lose control of your bike, even in hectic situations.
The brake lever was also designed in such a way that it can be stopped quickly at any time from any grip position. It is slightly bent inwards and the axle of the lever has been moved up. This improves ergonomics and at the same time reduces the manual effort required. In addition, the reach of the brake lever can be individually adjusted so that bikers with smaller hands can also ride safely. The flat-mount brake caliper improves braking performance and controllability in all conditions. Maintenance work, such as venting or changing the pads, can also be carried out easily. The L03A brake pads with cooling fins help to keep the brake temperatures low, especially on long downhill runs.

Technical specifications:

Material shift/brake lever: aluminium, plastic
Technology: Dual Control, SLR Evo Technology
Gears: 2x 11-speed
Reach adjustment: integrated (with tool)
Material caliper: aluminum
Brake medium: mineral oil
Mounting: flat mount
Screw length: not specified
recommended brake discs: Shimano SM-RT800
Brake Pads: L03A Resin with cooling fins
Brake line length: approx. 1000 mm (front), approx. 1700 mm (rear)
Color: Black

Weight according to the manufacturer: kA
Weight weighed:

Scope of delivery:

1x shift/brake lever on the left
1x shift/brake lever on the right
2x Flat Mount calipers incl. L03A Resin brake pads
filled hydraulic lines

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