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Custom wheel building at r2-bike

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Wheels handmade

Our handmade wheelsets enjoy great popularity and a steadily growing fan base. We want to show you how your custom wheelset is made and how we combine symbiosis of lightweight, stiff and durable wheels.

Your individual combination of hubs and rims
We have a large selection of hubs and rims on offer. Therefore, it is easy for us to find the right material. We leave you all choices open and only advocate wild combinations in an advisory. Our goal is to find the perfect wheelset for your application. Once it is clear which parts are combined in which colors, the handwork begins .

Determine the right spoke length

In the first step, the spoke length is determined from the geometry data of the hubs and the rims. This step is always necessary if we did not have a hub / rim combination in our hands yet. As often new parts come on the market or we take new brands in the program, this happens quite often. Once the spoke length has been determined, the assembly starts.

Define memory pattern
Unless the hub dictates otherwise, we spokes all wheels crossed three times. Most customers consider this pattern as standard. Of course, there are other patterns here and there, but with a triple crossing you never do anything wrong. As nipples we use 14mm Sapim Polyax . We have chosen these nipples because they are available in all sorts of colors, provided with a lubricating coating by Sapim, thus saving on glue and oil spills. Players like different colored spokes next to the valve or more nipple colors, we are happy to implement for you. You can let off steam creatively, because handmade wheels are finally there!

Align the hub and tighten the spokes
Now the hub is aligned . We always align them so that you can read the lettering through the valve hole. The spokes are tightened so far that the thread is just covered by the nipple. Now the hub should wobble only minimally. The spokes are bent inside with the head a bit and already the impeller is eingespeicht finished.

Center wheelset
No less care is taken when centering . Here, as with spokes, only the best tools are used. An analogue centering stand and Tensiometer from Centrimaster as well as nipple clamps from P & Klie are our standard equipment. Of course, the high quality of our wheelsets will also enable the skills and years of experience of our wheel builders.

Fine grinding when centering
Now comes the sometimes hypnotic tedious work of centering. We are committed to not only centering side and top strikes as perfectly as possible, but also to maintain a consistently high tension . We increase the tension in small steps while keeping the rim as impact-free as possible. At regular intervals, the impeller is pressed on both sides to strengthen the seat of the spokes and reduce local stresses.

Through care to the best quality and optimum rigidity
Then we pull the wheel back into the center of the hub and everything starts again. This procedure creates a maximum stable and durable impeller . This method further helps to locate spokes with lower tension quickly. On each side of the wheel, we create a consistently high but not too high spoke tension. This prevents the later solution and related blows. The perfect impeller can be felt through a crisp, instant start and high cornering stiffness.

The optimum of homogeneous stress
In ever finer steps, we approach the state in which the impeller after striking only blows of max. 0.3mm, a center deviation of max. 0.2mm and an average spoke tension of 1000N on the higher loaded impeller side. The exact spoke tension is also dependent on the possible maximum values ??of the manufacturer. The tension of the spokes can therefore be well over 1000N, if the hub and rim allow it. The spoke tension reaches a perfect level in all respects, as our experienced wheel builders always work with optimal and proven values.

Why a r2-bike wheelset?
You get a wheelset, which was built from the first to the last step of capable hands. Here we do not rely on automatic memory or stubbornly follow a fixed routine. Each wheel gets the work it takes to make it durable and as perfect as possible. Unlike system wheels, you have all possibilities in the compilation of your wheel open. Our system is diversity, not uniformity!

Do you still have questions?

We are sure that together we will find the perfect wheelset for you. For this you can contact us at any time for questions, suggestions or detailed advice by phone or by email to [email protected] .