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SRAM Eagle Transmission

It's time for transmission

SRAM has fundamentally rethought it's drive system and founded an approach for mountain bikes lately, which raises the bar for shifting components once again: Eagle Transmission. We have considered the brand new system and concept behind it for you in detail and show you all the highlights of this fully integrated, wireless and robust transmission, which was developed for the most demanding riders in the world.

UDH as key component for a strong system

UDH - Universal Derailleur Hanger - is the specification on mountain bike frames, that has an interface without derailleur hanger. Your gear is already suitable for UDH? Then you can easily equip it with the new SRAM Eagle Transmission. By eliminating the derailleur hanger the interaction between cassette and rear derailleur changes from the ground up. With the new mounting interface, the rear derailleur is mounted around the wheel axle and now has the same pivot point as the cassette. This full-mount system creates a much stronger connection and grips both sides of the frame.

You've never heard of UDH?
The Universal Derailleur Hanger (UDH) is a universal derailleur hanger developed by SRAM. By standardising the fixed position of the derailleur, the UDH provides better and more consistent shifting performance for all drivetrains and bikes. The UDH has established itself in the bicycle industry and can already be found on hundreds of models. You can find more information about the UDH and an overview of all participating manufacturers here ».

Magical performance

Other exciting details of the new Transmission Group are the replaceable Skid Plates, which protect your rear derailleur in an exposed position and can be replaced in the case of an accident. With the Magic Wheel another exciting detail enters the stage: The lower rear derailleur roller continues to rotate, even if an object get stucked in. The Overload Clutch - already known from the Eagle AXS series - is also back in the game. This Overload Clutch reacts to lateral incoming shocks and relaxes the rear derailleur cage. With this the incoming energy gets absorbed and derived, the derailleur technology takes no damage and resumes work a short time later.

Progressive and ultra strong

Carbon junkie or aluminum fanboy? With the new Transmission cranksets everyone gets his fun! Whatever you choose, you get a striking look, coupled with high stiffness and low weight. You prefer a crank with integrated powermeter? No problem! Are you still unsure and want to leave the powermeter open as an option? Grab it - all "normal" cranks are already prepared for the use of powermeters! If you love to shred your trails rougher, the new SRAM Eagle Transmission cranks now also offer you the option to (de)install Bashguards everytime you need.

Hide your Power

Power measurement has never been so subtle: DUB-PWR makes it possible, to use a discreetly integrated powermeter - the design provides you a reliable and accurate power measurement with Quarq, which is elegantly hidden in the DUB crank axle. At the same time, it is compatible with any chainring setup and has an unbeatable battery life of more than 400 hours. The powermeter is also compatible with the RockShox Flight Attendant System, so that all AXS-enabled components are able to use in connection.

A Chainring to rule them all

All chainrings now have an 8-hole direct-mount intake in common. With four different sizes, an independent double spoke design and the modular Bashguard, they cover a wide field of use. The combination of lightweight aluminum and the durability of a steel tread ensures increased durability and low weight. The new tooth design also provides a better grip on the chain and with it a smoother and more efficient pedal feel. The focus is nevertheless on a high compatibility, e.g. with AeroGuard or the use of a 104s bolt circle diameter, as well as a backwards compatibility with the SRAM Eagle technology X-SYNC II. In addition, the chainrings were also specifically designed for using them with Bosch and Steps motor systems. Therewith the lightest and most advanced e-specific chainrings ever were developed.

A cassette you want to play

The SRAM XX Eagle Transmission cassettes are significant for the new shifting performance under load within the transmission system. Thanks to their Full X-SYNC design, they shift better, the harder you pedal. The new design includes a fully milled, hardened steel-X-DOME architecture for the gears 4-12 and an ultra-lightweight aluminum spider for the gears 1-3. The 52T sprocket provides you 520% gear ratio range, but the next two larger sprockets (44T and 38T) now even provide bettered gear graduation (compared to the Eagle drivetrain's 10-52 cassette). The cassette has a longer service life and works more precisely, because of less extreme chainlines in the entire transmission bandwidth.

The chain for your power

Also the new SRAM Eagle Transmission chain received a revision, to meet the new requirements of the transmission system. Hollow rivets and cutouts on the outer plates ensure a low weight, the PVD-coating provides the desired corrosion and wear resistance. The new T-Type design with flattop profile not only improves shifting performance, but also gives your bike a futuristic look.

Under control

The new AXS Pod has also received a makeover, which now makes it even more ergonomic to use and more diversely to customize to your own preferences - it is also lighter than the previous Eagle AXS controllers. The button assignment can be customized via the AXS app. The lever caps are pleasant to grip and thanks to the rotatable design, the AXS pods can be mounted for left- and right-handers. The connection to the new SRAM Transmission derailleurs is simple as usual. They can be coupled and setted up just as intuitively as all Eagle AXS rear derailleurs before.

Compatibility with existing Eagle AXS systems

You like the new transmission system and want to upgrade your existing Eagle AXS system with transmission components?

If you want to replace your existing controllers with the new pods, that's no problem. Nothing has changed in the AXS radio protocol. You will be able to use the Transmission rear derailleur with the old controllers, just as you can use the Eagle AXS rear derailleur or dropper post with the pod.

A combination of new rear derailleur and old cassette or chain is not possible. The transmission cassette, chain and rear derailleur are NOT compatible with the existing Eagle AXS systems. However, Eagle Transmission T-Type chainrings are backwards compatible with Eagle chains and can therefore be used with current Eagle drives. Eagle chainrings that are not T-Type, can NOT be used with Eagle Transmission chains.