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Flat tyre, now what? NoTubes is the magic word

For Stan Koziatek there was a problem to solve ? flat tyres. He developed the original and revolutionary NoTubes Tubeless system in 2001. The secret about this system is a tyre sealant combined with a Tubeless Ready rim, which makes the tube unnecessary. Small and medium holes are sealed with the liquid easily.

To simplify the assemblage and maximise the reliability, Stan developed suitable NoTubes rims likewise. That was another innovation: the rims have got a short rim hook, giving the bead a perfect seat. Apropos of nothing, the rims set a new standard in terms of weight and rim width of the bike. Being an insider?s tip among pros at the beginning, NoTubes is well known in the whole bike scene nowadays. Whether mountain bike or road bike, the low rolling friction, good acceleration and the extremely high flat-tyre-resistance are highly appreciated.

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