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H.A.D. - Around the head

The head is the switching center of the human being - which is therefore closer than with the soft and hardwear of H.A.D. protection. And - like anything valuable - with fashionable accessories. With a mature portfolio of innovative products around the head, the brand H.A.D. as a synonym for functional and fashionable headwear.
Originally designed for sports, the trendy "headwear" is now also a cool lifestyle product, to be found on and on all heads. Which is not surprising, because H.A.D. Products are flexible, stretchy, extremely breathable, protect against heat or cold, from exhaust gases, mosquitoes, etc. Thanks to the high quality, they look good. And with their attractive design, they attract attention!
As head-man, however, the makers of HAD have not been idle: the H.A.D. Products, materials and designs have been constantly developed further. As a result, they are always up-to-date - both in technology and in fashion.