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Status report

Status: 27 November 2020

Dear friends of the bicycle!

From our point of view, the year 2020 has been quite turbulent so far and has presented us with some challenges. The Covid-19 virus has changed people's everyday lives. On the positive side, however, various aspects have given our beloved bicycle a very strong focus.

We as a dealer have noticed this in such a strong increase in demand that it was sometimes difficult for us to offer our usual service. In short: we, but also our suppliers are up to our ears in work. By optimising processes and increseing our team members, we are now able to meet the high demand well. There is of course room for improvement, as feedback from you shows. We all continue to work hard to offer you the best possible service.

Due to the effects of Covid-19 there are still a lot of challenges in the procurement of goods. On the following page we would like to give you a regular status report.

Delivery times

For all items available from stock, we can ensure that they are shipped without delay. This means that we usually ship your order on the same working day - within 24 hours we will definitely make it.

Shipping times DHL

From our experience, we see the delivery times within Europe and neighbouring countries as stable. There are no longer delivery times expected.

ATTENTION current exception!
DHL has informed us that the delivery partners in Ireland and the Czech Republic are working at their capacity limits. Due to the network load, longer delivery times may occur here.
Furthermore it is currently only possible to send parcels with a maximum size of 40 x 40 x 40 cm. Please note this during your order. Larger items like suspension forks, rims and co. can only be shipped by FedEX Prio with extra charge. If you would like this service, please leave a comment in your order.

However, longer delivery times may still occur in worldwide shipping. Reasons for this are, among others, significantly less freight capacity by air. For certain delivery countries we currently have to charge a so-called crisis surcharge. Furthermore, in our experience there may be fluctuations in delivery times for the following countries: Israel, South Africa, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. We ask for a little patience here.

The following countries can still not be supplied by DHL at this time due to insufficient capacities or regulations in the respective countries:

> Bahamas
> Belize
> Bolivia
> Bonair
> Brunei Darussalam
> Cape Verde
> Cayman Islands
> Central African Republic
> Cuba
> Dominica
> French Guiana
> French Polynesia
> Guadeloupe
> Guinea-Bissau
> Guyana
> Iran
> Laos
> Libya
> Martinique
> Mauritius
> Myanmar
> New Caledonia
> Réunion
> Saint Kitts and Nevis
> Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
> SãoTomé and Principe
> St. Maarten
> Suriname
> Syria
> Turkmenistan
> Venezuela
> Yemen

Availability of goods

The procurement of goods remains a major challenge. Suppliers and manufacturers cannot always meet demand as required. Reasons for this, apart from the already significantly higher demand, include production backlogs due to lock-downs, but also longer lead times for shipping.

Please pay close attention to the delivery time shown in the shop during your order. If options (e.g. colour) are available for the item, the delivery time for the selection may change. If we indicate "November" as the delivery time, for example, we do not have an exact date or we know from experience that the date can vary. In this case the delivery time "November" means that we expect the article from 01 November to 30 November from the supplier/manufacturer.

So if you need your order urgently, concentrate on items marked "available from stock".

Customer service

We also feel the increased demand for bicycle parts and bicycles in our customer service. There is a much greater volume of enquiries. In addition, possible delays in delivery time are causing further enquiries.

In order to be able to work through the mountain of enquiries as quickly as possible, we had to temporarily concentrate on one medium and temporarily switch off the telephone. We have received various criticisms from you, which we fully understand. By reinforcements in the team, we can offer the telephone support at present again. Nevertheless, please understand that there may be longer waiting times in the hotline because of the many enquiries by phone. In order to process the enquiries of all customers as quickly as possible, we prefer communication by e-mail. Here we are usually very fast and can answer your enquiry within 24-48 hours.

There are no backlogs in the processing of returns. The processing usually takes about 2-4 days after arrival.

For the duration of the complaint processing (warranty claims) we have sometimes had to accept sharp criticism. Here we were seriously behind with the processing. We would like to apologise again to all concerned for the waiting time. The current situation looks good. Complaints are usually processed about 2-4 days after arrival.

We thank you for your understanding and stay healthy!