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Status report

Status: 23 April 2021

Dear friends of the bicycle!

The Corona virus continues to have a firm grip on our daily lives and will probably stay that way for a while. We want to give you some information on this page, as dealing with the virus brings with it some complexities for our work.

Availability of goods

The procurement of goods is one of the biggest challenges. Suppliers and manufacturers cannot always meet demand as required. Reasons among others are:

- very strong demand for bicycles and parts
- long transit times (almost everything is transported by ship)
- Production backlogs due to effects of the corona pandemic

Please pay close attention to the delivery time shown in the shop during your order. If options (e.g. colour) are available for the item, the delivery time for the selection may change. If we indicate "November" as the delivery time, for example, we do not have an exact date or we know from experience that the date can vary. In this case the delivery time "November" means that we expect the article from 01 November to 30 November from the supplier/manufacturer.

So if you need your order urgently, concentrate on items marked "available from stock".

Delivery times

For all items available from stock, we can ensure that they are shipped without delay. This means that we usually ship your order on the same working day. However, due to high demand, it can sometimes take a day longer. As soon as your order has been shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation as usual.

Shipping times DHL and partners

More and more people are ordering their goods online. Restrictions to contain the Sars-CoV-2 virus in all european member states significantly reinforce this trend. The increasing number of parcels to be sent, poses great challenges for shipping service providers such as DHL and its partners. During the last few months, various measures have already been taken by DHL to significantly increase the capacity of goods traffic. DHL and its partners often work at the limits of their capacity in various countries. This can, of course, sometimes lead to delays in shipping.

However, longer delivery times may still occur in worldwide shipping. Reasons for this are, among others, significantly less freight capacity by air. For certain delivery countries we currently have to charge a so-called crisis surcharge. Furthermore, in our experience there are longer delays in delivery times possible for the following countries: Israel, South Africa, USA, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. We ask for a little patience here.

Current info USA: Currently there are large backlogs at the DHL partner USPS. There may be significant delays in delivery. In addition, the tracking information from DHL/USPS from arrival in the USA is not always reliable. USPS often does not provide the necessary information to DHL.

The following countries can still not be supplied by DHL at this time due to insufficient capacities or regulations in the respective countries:

> Bolivia
> Bonair
> Brunei Darussalam
> Cape Verde
> Cayman Islands
> Central African Republic
> Cuba
> Dominica
> French Guiana
> French Polynesia
> Guadeloupe
> Guinea-Bissau
> Guyana
> Iran
> Libya
> Martinique
> Mauritius
> Myanmar
> New Caledonia
> Réunion
> SãoTomé and Principe
> St. Maarten
> Suriname
> Syria
> Turkmenistan
> Venezuela
> Yemen

Customer service

We also feel the strong demand for bicycle parts and bicycles in customer service. There is a significantly higher volume of enquiries. In addition, there are more enquiries due to possible delays in the delivery time.

In order to be able to process the mountain as quickly as possible, we have to temporarily concentrate on communication by e-mail. This is the most efficient way for us to process your enquiry. Because various colleagues are also working from their home offices, we are currently unable to accept enquiries by telephone. We are aware that this may be a shortcoming in customer service for you. Nevertheless, we ask for your understanding for the situation.

We are currently experiencing a very high volume of customer enquiries. The processing of your enquiry by e-mail currently takes approx. 3-5 business days.

The processing of returns and complaints usually takes about 2-4 days after the arrival of your return.

We thank you for your understanding and stay healthy!