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Corona Status

Dear friends of the bicycle!

The Corona virus now determines the everyday life of all of us. Every day, we receive questions about product availabilities, delivery times, but also about the situation at r2. On the following page we would like to give you an overview of the status of various topics. The page will be constantly updated as soon as we have new information.

Status: r2-bike

We also do everything to prevent the spread of the corona virus. At the same time we want to be there for you, of course. To this end, we have taken various measures to be able to offer you our usual service in the long term. You can continue to order as usual. We will process your order as quickly as possible and ship it the same day if possible. Some members of the support team work in the home office. As a result we had to stop our telephone support and concentrate fully on your e-mail inquiries. Currently we need about 2-4 days to answer your request. Please refrain from further inquiries about the processing status, as this will delay the response time of all e-mails even further. All staff members do their best to be there for you.

Status: delivery countries

Please note that due to the current situation your package may take longer to deliver as usual. The parcel service providers work day and night for the fast delivery of your parcel, but of course they also have to deal with restrictions that can possibly delay the delivery process.

Due to the large number of cancelled scheduled flights to the USA, the available capacity for packages is considerably reduced. In this case this leads to increased costs and possibly longer delivery times. DHL therefore charges a crisis surcharge for every package sent to the USA. Unfortunately, we have to temporarily add a 10€ surcharge to the shipping costs.

Due to the currently very limited transport capacities to Canada, the transport will be carried out as sea freight until further notice, which leads to a noticeable extension (1-3 weeks) of the package duration.

The following countries can currently no longer be supplied by DHL due to insufficient capacities or regulations in the respective countries:
> Antigua and Barbuda
> Aruba
> Azerbaijan
> Bahamas
> Barbados
> Belize
> Bermuda
> Bolivia
> Bonair
> Brunei Darussalam
> Burkina Faso
> Burundi
> Cape Verde
> Cayman Islands
> Central African Republic
> Chad
> Chile
> Colombia
> Comoros
> Costa Rica
> Cuba
> Curaçao
> Djibouti
> Dominica
> Dominican Republic
> East Timor
> Ecuador
> El Salvador
> Equatorial Guinea
> Fiji
> French Polynesia
> Gambia
> Ghana
> Grenada
> Guadeloupe
> Guatemala
> Guinea
> Guinea-Bissau
> Guyana
> Haiti
> Honduras
> Iran
> Jamaica
> Laos
> Liberia
> Libya
> Malawi
> Mali
> Martinique
> Mauritania
> Mauritius
> Mongolia
> Myanmar
> Nepal
> New Caledonia
> Nicaragua
> Niger
> Panama
> Papua New Guinea
> Paraguay
> Peru
> Réunion
> Saint Kitts and Nevis.
> Samoa
> SãoTomé and Principe
> Senegal
> Sierra Leone
> Somalia
> St. Helena/Ascension/Tristan da Cunha
> St. Lucia
> St. Maarten
> St. Vincent and the Grenadines
> Sudan
> Suriname
> Syria
> Tajikistan
> Trinidad and Tobago
> Turkmenistan
> Tuvalu
> Uganda
> Uzbekistan
> Vanuatu
> Venezuela
> Wallis and Futuna
> Western Sahara
> Yemen

Status: Manufacturer and suppliers

At the moment, most of our worldwide suppliers are working and can continue to supply us with parts for your bike. However, it is possible that planned delivery dates will be postponed due to delays in shipping or a change in the supply of raw materials. If manufacturers and distributors should restrict or completely stop their operations due to official orders or to protect their employees, we will provide further information.

Oakley has resumed business operations, but continues to struggle with massive delivery delays. Unfortunately, notified delivery times are often not met.

The demand for HOPE products is currently very strong and lead to longer delivery times. That means for products we do not have in stock, a delivery time of about 6-8 weeks must be expected.

All articles listed in our shop with the delivery status "available from stock" are in our stock and can of course still be delivered to you.

We thank you for your understanding and stay healthy!