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Precise power measurement - made in Spain

The further development of the well-known INspider from Rotor reaches new dimensions. The Powermeter shines with an even lighter weight of 105g and the usual high precision of +- 1.5%. In addition to the weight saving of 32% compared to the previous model, the slimmer design also reduces possible damage from external impacts.

Rotor is known for its modularity. The new INspider MTB is compatible with the in-house chainrings with 100 mm bolt circle diameter, which are available in both round and oval shapes. As one of the pioneers of oval chainrings, Rotor is convinced that an oval chainring will make your pedalling even more efficient and thus faster.

You also have the choice of crank arms. Whether carbon or aluminium, you can choose the ideal crank arms for a mountain bike according to your needs. In the end, you have a light, precise and reliable measuring system at your disposal, which provides you with useful support during training and brings you closer to your sporting goals.

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