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ZIPP Front Wheel 404 NSW Carbon Clincher

ZIPP Front Wheel 404 NSW Carbon Clincher ZIPP Front Wheel 404 NSW Carbon Clincher ZIPP Front Wheel 404 NSW Carbon Clincher ZIPP Front Wheel 404 NSW Carbon Clincher ZIPP Front Wheel 404 NSW Carbon Clincher
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ZIPP 404 Front NSW Carbon Clincher

Make the most aerodynamic and seitenwindstabilste rim profile even better? Before this task, the Zipp engineers were when they wanted to develop on the basis of outstanding Firecrest rim profile even more efficient impeller. The NSW wheels succeeded in every way to bring the Firecrest series to the next level. The 58 mm high rim of the 404 NSW is the best selling Rim height in Zipp range since time immemorial. And this is no accident, because the 404 is designed to be fast in any terrain. Easy enough for the mountains and hard sprints, and outstanding aerodynamics and crosswind stability for long solo rides in the wind.

Cognition hub

In the development of Cognition hub was first on a goal: maximum speed! This was achieved in several ways. On the one specially adapted to the hubs Swiss ball bearings are installed that guarantee in addition to their enormous durability lowest storage resistance. Secondly, the axial clutch override mechanism for an extremely low resistance makes the rolling process. It is achieved by the use of magnets in place of springs, which press the toothed disks against each other. Internal tests have shown that the Cognition hubs have this system only half of resistance to the best pawl freewheels on the market. Moreover, the 36 locking points of the toothed disks provide a very direct response when back pressure on the pedal comes. For a maximum transmission range or a 1-way drive the Cognition hub can also be equipped with a XD freewheel body.

Showstopper braking surfaces

Among the carbon rims, the braking characteristics of the Firecrest rims are the best on the market. But that was not good enough, the engineers at Zipp. The newly developed showstopper braking surfaces contain silicon carbide. This material is harder than steel and ensures a uniform braking performance on a very high level. Moreover, it is extremely abrasion resistant and the outstanding characteristics of the brake surfaces thus remain over the complete lifetime of the rim. A structure the water and dirt when braking has been incorporated to the wet braking performance to improve in the braking areas, transported faster. In dry conditions the grooves thus the braking performance ensure the heat dissipation and improve on long descents.

ABLC Sawtooth Technology

The rims of the NSW wheelsets equips Zipp from his proven ABLC Dimple design. This helps as the surface of a golf ball to direct the air flow more efficiently through the rim. What is new is the arrangement of the dimples 12 in blocks whose compartments are connected by a sawtooth profile. By this arrangement, the air resistance of the wheels could be further reduced and the positive effect sets in NSW rim even at speeds above 30 km / h.

Impress graphics

With the Impress technology, the graphics are printed directly to the impeller. This saves weight and helps ABLC Dimpledesign it to fulfill its task - to eliminate air turbulence.


The impeller may only be used with the following brake linings:

Zipp Tangente Platinum Pro Evo
Zipp Tangente High Performance Cork
Zip tangent Platinum Pro (first version of the tangent pads)
SwissStop® Black Prince
SwissStop® Yellow King
Bontrager Cork

Technical specifications:

intended use : Road
Material Rim: Carbon
Wheels Type: carbon clincher for folding and clincher
Rim height: 58 mm
Maximum rim width: 27.8 mm
Rim width braking surface: 26,40 mm
Rim inner diameter: 17,25 mm
Spokes: Sapim Cx-ray
Count: 18
Hub: Zipp Cognition
axle type : 5x100 mm quick release
Color hub and rim: black, UD Carbon
Color Decals: white ImPress graphics
maximum tire pressure: 8.62 bar / 125 psi
Maximum rider weight: 115 Kg

Weight: 705g (manufacturer)

Scope of supply: Front, wheel bag, rim tape, Zipp Tangente titanium quick release, Zipp Tangente Platinum Pro Brake pads, Zipp Tangente tube , valve extension and manual

Installation: Please use the correct assembly of the instructions manufacturer .

INFO: only available for European + Russian Customers

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