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    Wheel Building at r2-bike

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      handmade wheels

      Our handmade wheelsets are very popular and a steadily growing fan base. How Your Custom wheelset arises and we combine the symbiosis of lightweight, rigid and durable at the same wheels, we want to show you here.

      Your individual combination of hubs and rims
      We have an ample range of hubs and rims on offer. Therefore, it is easy for us to find the right material. Do you leave all options open and proceed only in an advisory at about wild combinations. Our goal is to find the perfect wheelset for your intended use. Once it is determined which parts are which colors combined manual labor begins.

      Determine the correct length of the spoke

      First, the spoke length is determined from the geometric data of the hub and the rim. This step is always necessary when we have not had a hub-rim combination in his hands. Since many new parts come to market or we take on new brands into the program, which happens quite often. If the spoke length determines the construction starts.

      define Spoke pattern
      If it does not prescribe the hub differently, we spoke all impellers triple crossed a. Most of the customers of this pattern is considered standard. Sure, there are other patterns here and there, but with a triple intersection, never makes anything wrong. When nipples come with us 14mm Sapim used. We have ctuben for this fitting, since they are available in all colors, are provided by Sapim with a lubricious coating and is so adhesive and oiling orgies saves. Spielerein how different colored spokes next to the valve nipple or more colors, we can arrange for you to. You'll get creative romp, because for handmade wheels are here for!

      Align the hub and tighten the spokes
      Now the hub is aligned. We always aligned so that one can read the lettering, looking through the valve hole. we draw the spokes to the extent that the thread is being concealed from the nipple. Now the hub should only wiggle minimal. The spokes are in nor rebent with his head slightly and already the impeller is ready spoked.

      Center wheelset
      No less care we let in centering exercise. Here comes like the lacing only the best tool to use. An analog truing and tensiometer of Centrimaster and Nippelspanner of P & Klie are our standard equipment. The high quality of our wheelsets will also allow the skill and experience of our wheelbuilder.

      Finishing touches in centering
      Now comes the part hypnotic tedious work of centering. We have committed ourselves to the flag, not only lateral and vertical strokes as perfectly as possible to center out, but also to maintain a constant tension. We increase the voltage in small steps and keep the rim as possible without hammering. Periodically, the impeller is pushed off on both sides to consolidate the office of the spokes and reduce local tensions.

      Due diligence for the highest quality and optimum rigidity
      Then we pull the wheel back in the middle of the hub, and everything starts all over again. This procedure results in a maximum of stable and durable wheel. This method helps continue that spokes can be localized quickly with lower voltage. On each side of the wheel so we create a uniformly high, but not too high spoke tension. This prevents the subsequent solution and associated impacts. The perfect wheel you feel by a crisp, instantaneous acceleration and high cornering stiffness.

      The optimum homogeneous voltage
      In finer steps we approach as the state in which the wheel after the prints only strokes of max. 0.3mm, a middle deviation of max. 0.2 mm and an average spoke tension of 1000N has on the higher load side of the impeller. The precise spoke tension is also dependent on the maximum possible values of the manufacturer. The tension of the spokes can thus also clearly be more than 1000N, when the hub and rim permit. The spoke tension reached in all respects a perfect level, because our experienced wheelbuilder always working with optimal and proven values.

      Why a wheelset of r2-bike?
      You get a wheelset, which was built from the first to the last step of capable hands. Here, we do not rely on Einspeichautomaten or go stubbornly fixed routine after. Each wheel gets the job steps that it needs to make it durable and perfectly as possible. Unlike system wheels, you are with us in putting together your impeller every possibility. Our system is diversity, not uniformity!
      An overview of all possible combinations you can find here

      Do you still have questions?

      We are confident that we will find the perfect wheelset for you. Moreover, you can contact us any time for questions or a detailed consultation by phone or mail to wheels@r2-bike.de contact.

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