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VDO Cycling Computer M4 WL wireless

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  • Item no.: 15068
  • Product weight: 59g
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VDO bike computer M4 WL

Small digital radio cycling computer with a large display. The clear division of structured into four areas display enables an easy reading and convenient operation of the computer. The intuitive menu navigation and the display of the functions in full-text, unit handling a breeze. The height function permanently displays the current height value in the display. A switchable lighting ensures even in the dark for an overview. In addition, all the important functions at bike VDO M4 are included. To counter are possible as part of distance measurements using the trip Section. An independent trip odometer (Navigator) facilitates the planning of tours. The battery level indicator and an integrated data storage reliable protection against loss of data and settings. Programming Aids, such as the integrated tire tables facilitate yourself while cruising operation. Thanks to digital radio technology, simple installation and clean look because no cables interfere.


Current speed
daily bag
driving time
Average speed with 2-point locations.
Maximum speed with 2-point locations
Part time counter (manual stopwatch that counts only when driving)
Part-time distance counter (counts distance covered in the part-time)
Roadbook counter, 2nd-day-distance counter, forward-backward-counting, adjustable
PM (12 or 24 hour mode with AM / PM indicator)
Current temperature
Total distance bike 1
Total distance bike 2
Total distance Total
Total ride time bike 1
Total ride time bike 2
Total travel time Total
Comparing the current with the average speed (indicator arrows)

Heights functions

Current level
Current angle / decline
Altitude gain
Maximum height
average angle
Maximum angle
Altitude loss
Average incline
maximum decline
Years altitude uphill bike 1
Years altitude uphill bike 2
Years Total Altitude gain
Years altitude downhill bike 1
Years altitude downhill bike 2
Years Altitude loss Total
Maximum altitude bike 1
Maximum altitude bike 2

Diverse Function / Features

D3 digital transmission for speed
Large display of speed
Current level permanently in the display
Full text display in 7 languages (DE / EN / FR / IT / ES / NL / PL)
Speedometer in 0.2 km / h / mph increments
2 Start height settings
Calibration on elevation or the barometric pressure above MSL
Automatic altitude correction during transport
Data storage during battery change (data and settings)
Battery Low battery alarm status (computer and transmitter)
Display lighting
For 2 wheels used, separate memory for each wheel
Wheel sizes on the wheel circumference or integrated tire table
Display sleep mode after 5 minutes of rest
Auto start / stop when starting after a break
Twist-Click-Mount for handlebar or stem mounting

Technical specifications:

Computer: 45 H x 35 W x 16 D mm
Display: approx 34 x H 24 mm B
Battery Computer: 3V, type 2032
Battery life Computer: about 1 year (about 10,000 km / 6,000 mi)
Battery speed transmitter: 3V, type 2032
Battery Life Transmitter: about 1 year (about 10,000 km / 6,000 mi)
Temperature range of the display: -20 ° C to +70 ° C / -4 to +158 ° F
Speed range: for wheel size 2155 mm, min 2.5 km / h, max 199 km / h
Driving time measuring range: to 99:59:59 HH: MM: SS
Trip Distance Counter Measuring range: up to 9999.99 km or mi
Part-time measurement range: 99:59:59 HH: MM: SS
Part-distance-measuring range: up to 9999.99 km or mi
Roadbook counter Setting range: -99.99 Km to + 999.99 Kmvorwärts / backward
Total distance-measuring range Rad 1: up to 99,999 km or mi
Total distance-measuring range Rad 2: up to 99,999 km or mi
Total distance-measuring range Total: up to 199.999 km or mi
Total ride time measurement range Rad 1: 9,999: 59 HHHH: MM
Total ride time-range bike 2: 9.999: 59 HHHH: MM
Total ride time-measuring range Total: 19,999: 59 HHHHH: MM
Altitude measuring range: -999 m to + 4999 m / -999 ft to 16,999 ft
Years altitude uphill bike 1-99999 m / ft
Years altitude uphill bike 2-99999 m / ft
Years Altitude gain total to 199,999 m / ft
Years altitude downhill bike 1-99999 m / ft
Years altitude downhill bike 2-99999 m / ft
Years Altitude loss total to 199,999 m / ft
Maximum altitude bike 1 max. 4,999 m / 16,999 ft
Maximum altitude bike 2 max. 4,999 m / 16,999 ft
Wheel circumference setting range: from 100 mm to 3999 mm (3.9 to 157.4 inches)

Weight: 59 g (computer head, batteries, bracket, transmitter, magnet and cable ties)

Delivery: VDO M4 WL, bracket, sensor (D3 digital radio), magnet, mounting material and batteries

Note: Please note the instructions for Battery Recycling

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