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    THM Carbones Gabel 28" Rennrad Scapula CT tapered 275g

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    Product weight:275g
    THM Carbones
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      THM Carbones fork scapula CT tapered

      The "Scapula CT" corresponds to the racers for the lowest weight.
      With only 275 grams, the "scapula CT" sets the limit of what is currently feasible.
      No other fork reaches the same low weight with full racing fitness.
      The stiffness values are well above average and are due to the geometry of the stem / fork crown even slightly above the scapula SP.
      The lateral stiffness (55N / mm), important for hard sprints and precise cornering, is very high despite the low weight. At the same THM, has managed the balancing act to construct the fork extremely comfortable.
      The bottom line is the "Scapula SP" is a thoroughbred race fork with high shudder resistance.
      The central feature of the "Scapula CT" are the continuous fibers from the shaft to the dropouts.
      Even the dropouts have a supporting structure made of carbon fibers.
      The wall thickness of the shaft and the fork blades are continuously graded in accordance with the acting forces.
      Due to the different moments in the direction of travel and transversely thereto, there is an elliptical internal cross section of the supporting structure of the shaft.
      It was operated in detail optimization, making a sensational weight could be achieved with excellent rigidity.

      Technical specifications:

      Installation length: 372 mm
      Shaft length: 300 or 330mm
      Fork speed: 44 mm
      Max. Tire width: 25 mm
      Material: Carbon
      Color: Black
      Shank diameter: 1 1/8 - 1 1/4 inches
      Max. Total weight (rider + bike + luggage) 110 kg

      Weight: 275 g (200 mm shaft), 299g (300 mm shaft)

      Product weight:275g