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SOLESTAR Kontrol Road Cycling Insoles

SOLESTAR Kontrol Road Cycling Insoles SOLESTAR Kontrol Road Cycling Insoles SOLESTAR Kontrol Road Cycling Insoles SOLESTAR Kontrol Road Cycling Insoles
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Solestar Kontrol Radschuheinlagen / insoles

The insole specially for cycling shoes from Sole Star.

What is a good choice for the professional racer, should be a good choice for the ambitious road cyclist. The Radschuheinlagen completely manufactured in Germany, the Berlin company Solestar were developed with appropriate know-how from the professional cycling. Numerous wheel professionals drive these deposits.

"For the development of SOLESTAR Kontrol the experience we've gained with your customizations for different drivers, largely were." Says the developer of Solestar.

Solestar Kontrol Radschuheinlagen based on the patented Solestar Stabilization- Delta and have a core of Black Fiber. This very stable under load and at the same slightly flexible material developed specifically for use under high pressure loads. This also adequate ventilation of the foot is made possible, the Radschuheinlagen are perforated in the forefoot area.

That such a staple in Radschuh acting Stabilization- Delta (patented) ensures a firm hold of the foot throughout the Tretzyklus. First, the foot is placed in the optimum for power transmission neutral position and then held in this position permanently.

Please allow an acclimatization period of approximately 5 trips because the soles give a correction of the foot and thus the body statics. Possibly a new setting of the pedal-cleat combination is necessary.

Depending Radschuhmarke different size are required, the right size please refer to the following table.

Sole dial a number greater at:


Sole one size smaller dial at:

SIDI Wire, SIDI Draco

Same as the shoe size:


Material: Black Fiber
Color: black-red
Weight: 110g (size 42)

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