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SYNTACE Pedal NumberNine Titan

SYNTACE Pedal NumberNine Titan SYNTACE Pedal NumberNine Titan SYNTACE Pedal NumberNine Titan SYNTACE Pedal NumberNine Titan SYNTACE Pedal NumberNine Titan SYNTACE Pedal NumberNine Titan
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SYNTACE pedals Number Nine Titan

When designing a pedal of a balance between "too heavy" must, "too thick" to "small camp" and
be made "unstable". Most manufacturers solve this problem very satisfactory and at the end of the hyped product turns out to be unfit bad buy.

But Syntace is in question the actual meaning of the word "engineering" just sublime -about doubt and thought out to the last detail.

Almost mocking himself reads the "Rider weight limit" of 140 kg, when one thinks of the pedals competitors.

100% ball bearing
Consistently Applied Physics: Rolling just under load significantly low friction values as plain bearings. Only law when the latter have by their design-related radial thrust plate liners everyday dirt. We therefore use all three bearing points of the Number Nine pedal precision ball bearing. That means for you as a driver: You will receive pedals with the lowest possible power loss. The harder you reintrittst the greater the performance benefit.

Who builds stable, can easily build
The Syntace monoblock pedal body: In one piece of 7075-T6 machined aluminum. All brackets and cross bars are exclusively designed as a statically determined structural profiles, without slitting, perforation or similar fashionable attributes. An amended profiling allows the use of a hollowed-out, high-strength titanium axle. For side impact crash, the axial force Records in pedal via a special robust end stop instead of the ball bearings. The result: Sensational 288 g in size M with over 500 kg, breaking load (!).

Even flat
Only 15.4 mm headroom in spite of the exclusive use of precision ball bearings. A flat pedal allows a slightly lower center of gravity of the driver as well as a lower Aufsetzrisiko. Without loss of stability while the unrivaled self-cleaning of two huge window openings of the previous model has been maintained.

Super grip
Sophisticated pin placement and a slightly concave arrangement of pins in Number Nine TITAN. The middle six pins are slightly deeper than the outer eight pins sitting on elevated continuous webs: This increases safety against unintentional slipping of the shoe from the pedal, without restrict movements option on the pedal. To further customize allows the Syntace Pin concept - with a pin placement of 28 pins per pedal which do not all have to be screwed - a range of "easy adherent" to "glued to".

Healthy teeth
Special, high-strength aluminum pins are essential crashworthy than conventional designs. Additionally equipped with a robust, built-in breaking point. The sleek, aggressive M4 Flat Collar shape provides not only by the flat hexagon neck besides a better connection with just soft shoes but also to damage or wear a thread gently replace the pins.

Always nice horizontally
The Syntace Always-Right-There system brakes the pedal-light running without load straight down so far, which remains there while lifting the foot in position, and immediately is available in the appropriate place when recovering the foot. The small "helper" has the normal pedaling no appreciable or measurable disadvantages since it is not in the power flow (see "ball bearing")

No loopholes for water and dirt
Except for the actual Achsaustritt the Syntace Number Nine TITAN pedal is completely airtight and watertight. Because the pedal body rotates here completely closed on the outer pedal axle end of the dirt and wasserempfindlichsten (Un) sealing point all over pedal. A body, so far not even take on several Gleitpedalhersteller attempt a serious sealing or even providing open rotating pedal axles on display. When Syntace Number Nine pedal the sealing package only necessary sits inside the thread of the shaft, easily recognized by the large red, specially developed by Syntace precision radial shaft seal. By further drawn inward pedal body casing is well protected from the immediately preceding crank.

Each driver's pedal variable
The Syntace Number Nine is the first pedal, which is available in three sizes. Because the pedal size should sensibly fit to your shoe size.

Technical specifications:
Material: 7075 T6 aluminum
Height: 15.4 mm (without pin)
bearing: 3 OS-precision ball bearings
Seal: double PU lip seals
Color: CNC-finish black
Max. Rider weight: 140 Kg

Sizes and weights:
S:. 287g incl Pins
M:. 293g incl Pins
L:. 298g incl Pins

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