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SYNTACE Hub rear HiTorque MX Rear | 12x142 mm Thru Axle

SYNTACE Hub rear HiTorque MX Rear | 12x142 mm Thru Axle SYNTACE Hub rear HiTorque MX Rear | 12x142 mm Thru Axle SYNTACE Hub rear HiTorque MX Rear | 12x142 mm Thru Axle SYNTACE Hub rear HiTorque MX Rear | 12x142 mm Thru Axle
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  • Freehub Body


SYNTACE hub rear HiTorque MX Rear | 12x142 mm thru axle

The heart of the Syntace wheelsets are the Syntace HiTorque MX hub self-developed and manufactured (Pat. Pend.). Finest turning and Fräskunst, sleek in its visual appearance, but with superior intrinsic values.

The toothed disk: All or none!
The name and the robust sound let it suggests: The freewheel mechanism of this Syntace hub holds more than others. For the further developed by us principle of the spur toothing ensures that force transmitting teeth can not engage individually and thus overloaded. Instead, all the teeth engage necessarily exactly the same time. And these are 36 precision milled in Germany, high-strength front teeth, acted upon by four coil springs (techn correctly. Helical compression springs). The result in the bike everyday rough Our test driver and uphill steep Artist January Lämmel enters his Liteville 301 a Seriennabe since autumn 2011. Without any maintenance or even maintenance - just like in the Bike Trial World Champion Thomas Ohler. Only times for comparison: Conventional ratchet freewheels have these guys come through completely independent of the number of catches by at least four weeks. Trial riders - not to be confused with trail riders - know only too well, of what we are talking about.

Even at low or even zero temperatures the Syntace HiTorque MX shows no Einrastverweigerungen and even "chain sliding problems" with the following chain blockade. Despite slipping safe and very durable interlocking of end disks. In Europe - as opposed to eg the sunny California - for every dedicated mountain bikers a must, in our opinion.

Strong heart
Conified 17mm oversize axle, intelligent bearing placement for maximum stiffness and durability with minimum weight. Combined by simply changing the Syntace W-Series Achsendkappen with all latest Achsstandards.

Robust flanges
High strength 7075 aluminum, dynamometer optimized dimensioning and the spoke angle matched hub flanges.

For SRAM XX1 group switching the freewheel body is as accessories available.

Note: The hub comes with a standard Shimanofreilauf of Syntace, the SRAM XD freewheel is offered as options and is rebuilt by us.

Other features:
  • Conified 17mm oversize axle, for maximum rigidity, durability and minimum weight
  • Hub with two on both sides sealed 17x30x7 precision ball bearings. Freewheel with two on both sides sealed 17x26x5 precision ball bearings
  • perfect meshing by four coil springs and optimized tooth shapes
  • Star ratchet freehub 36s tooth pitch, ie 360: 36 = 10 with reduced backlash 1.5. Locking angle Total 11,5.
  • Achsstandard selectable and easily exchangeable hub caps

Technical specifications:

Material: 7075
Number of holes: 32
Disc recording: 6 hole
Freewheel body: standard cassette or XX1 cassette
axle type: 12 x 142 mm
Color: black with laser logo

Weight: 218g

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