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SYNTACE Bar Vector Carbon Superlight High10 31,8 x 760 mm

SYNTACE Bar Vector Carbon Superlight High10 31,8 x 760 mm SYNTACE Bar Vector Carbon Superlight High10 31,8 x 760 mm SYNTACE Bar Vector Carbon Superlight High10 31,8 x 760 mm
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SYNTACE handlebar Vector Carbon Superlight High10 31.8 x 760 mm

The new lightweight carbon riser bar that keeps you expect from a Syntacelenker. Legendary crash safety, the known everything on the market in the shade. The new material composition, especially in the central region, reached the Syntace Vector Carbon Superlight, with full overload safety of the legendary Syntace Vector Carbon about 12% weight reduction and a 17% higher vibration damping effect.

The advantages of carboxylic
Can be fully exploited only if adequate manufacturing knowledge. Carbon bars can indeed be very easy, but also very tricky in terms of safety. To achieve the Syntace typical high security, so new fiber types and more complex arrangement of the fiber layers with a load-dependent diameter portions were combined and particularly neuralgic specially reinforced.

Convenient and fast
The Syntace Vector Carbon 31.8 mm is not only stronger than others, but attenuates thanks to its outstanding elasticity small impacts and vibrations - with a very precise and stiff handlebar behavior.

The armor
It's clearly visible for the naked eye: the central titanium mesh distributes the high clamping forces and protects the precious carbon surface before the stem's grip to reduce annoying twist.

4 screws fit
Infected by a special internal reinforcement even the high exposure to 4-bolt stems loosely away.

Ergonomic design
The Syntace Vector Carbon 31.8 there is not with the easy to be constructed 6 ° -Kröpfung but to be traveled only in much more comfortable, ergonomically favorable 8 ° and 12 ° form.

Tested VR-3
On the toughest and most realistically test machine in the world to test standard DH 2002.4.

Syntace granted to all its products 10 year guarantee when they are installed and used according to the instructions.

Technical specifications:

intended use : Cross Country, Marathon, Tour
Material: UD carbon
Bar Clamp: 31,8mm (Oversized)
Bar Width: 760 mm
Rise: 10 mm
Back Sweep: 8 ° or 12 °
Upsweep: 0 °
shortened: yes / 680 mm
Barend compatible: yes
Finish: UD carbon matt
Driver Weight: ns.
Color Logos: silver gray / red

Weight: 180g (manufacturer)

Delivery: 1x SYNTACE handlebar Vector Carbon Superlight High10

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