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SUPERNOVA E-Bike Front Light M99 Pure+ for S-Pedelecs E-45 | StVZO

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SUPERNOVA E-Bike Headlight M99 Pure + for S-Pedelecs E-45 | StVZO

As a "New Star on Firament" Supernova refers to its M99 Pure + headlight for the fast S-Pedelecs. This statement is by no means exaggerated. 1100 lumens of light, daytime running lights and a stylish design make it a star among the bicycle lights.

Automotive daytime running light
An everyday problem for cyclists and especially for e-bikers is that the driver underestimates its speed. This can quickly lead to dangerous situations. The clearly visible and distinctive daytime running light suggests to the other road users that a fast vehicle arrives there, thus increasing safety. If the lighting conditions get worse, the headlamp will automatically switch to dipped beam to ensure optimum visibility.

M99 Matrix Mirror
The coordination of the 99 individually calculated mirror surfaces on the intelligent LED matrix was a complex development project. It was only through the use of up to 9 intelligent controllable automotive LEDs in combination with multiple computer calculations of the concave and convex catoptric facets of the mirror, it was possible to create this forward-looking product.

Ice cold calculated
For the high-performance LEDs to work efficiently, they need optimal cooling. This is where the long-standing experience of Supernova comes into play. Through careful material selection and thermal simulation, the housing and electronics have been designed so that the LEDs can fully reach their maximum performance at all times.

Note for S-Pedelec's driver
When using this headlamp on S-pedelecs it is essential to make sure that this is approved by the bicycle manufacturer. When converting to other attachments may expire the operating permit of your e-bike, which can be a financial risk, for example, in an accident. Please inform yourself at your dealer, if this lamp is on the positive list of the manufacturer and you can use it with it.

Lighting levels:

Daytime running lights: 4.5 W
Low beam: 16 W 1100 lumens

Technical specifications:

Material: CNC machined aluminum
Dimensions (LxWxH): 67 x 87 x 57.5 mm
Supply voltage: 12 V DC
Power supply: Supernova connection cable universal
Compatibility E-bike: all common drives eg Bosch, Brose, Panasonic, BionX
Lamps: 5 Automotive LEDs, Daytime Running Lights 32 Power LEDs
Optics: M99 Matrix Mirror
Functions: Daytime running lights, dipped beam
Communication: -
Approval StVZO: for L-Class L1e (e-bikes up to 45 km / h), ECE113C (dipped beam), ECE87 (daytime running lights)
Color: black polished

Weight according to manufacturer: 220g
Weight weighed: 236g (including cable)


1x SUPERNOVA E-Bike Headlight M99 Pure + for S-Pedelecs E-45 | StVZO
1x connection cable Supernova universal with 2-way connector

without holder

Quick Start Guide: Supernova M99 Pure + | DE | EN

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