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    SRM Crank Wireless Training System - Rotor 3D Standard

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    Colour PowerControl PC8
    crankarm length
    Handlebar Mount
    speed sensor
    USB read- out- cable

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      SRM crank Wireless Training System - Rotor 3D Standard

      The SRM is the performance measurement system on swear most cyclists. From track cycling to mountain biking, the SRM numerous athletes has provided valuable services on their way to the top.

      An optimal training requires precise control. You can create an accurate performance profile over the combination of all measurable values such as speed, cadence, heart rate and power. This profile is the basis for a very specific training, strengths and weaknesses are most exactly shown and can be improved or expanded. Use the information gathered can be driven selectively in the optimum power range even during a race in which no slump is feared before the end of the race. So you can with the correct pacing, using the power meter, realize the best possible results for your performance level.

      Eight strain gauges measure the introduced torque which is charged together with the instantaneous angular velocity to the entered power. The measurement is made without loss with an accuracy of +/- 1%. The measured values are transmitted via ANT + protocol and are all also ANT + devices dominant recyclable. Thus, Garmin Edge devices can be used with the SRM power meter crank.

      Showing and stored PC8 cycling computer Your performance on the Power Control. This is consistently oriented to the needs of athletes and dispensed gimmicks. All relevant values such as power, heart rate, speed, altitude data, the Training Peaks metrics such as TSS (Training Stress Score), NP (Normalized Power) and IF (Intensity Factor) are displayed. The display is also configurable. For recording and evaluating the PC8 has a GPS sensor. With a bearing capacity of 500 MB up to 4000 hours of training can be recorded. The workouts are stored files as fit and can be evaluated with all current training softwares. To use the PC8 on several wheels, 4 different cycling profiles can be stored.

      The Rotor 3D aluminum crank arms by the Trinity Drilling System very light yet rigid. In this system, three longitudinal bores are integrated in the crank arms, whereby material is removed from the core. The strength remains. Fitted is the crank assembly with chainrings of the American manufacturer Paxle Works. Forged chainrings are in things shifting performance and durability of the best on the market.

      Technical specifications:

      crank unit

      Material crank arms: aluminum
      Material shaft: aluminum
      Material SRM Spider: aluminum
      Battery life PowerMeter: 1900 hours
      Accuracy Power Meter: +/- 1%
      Data Transmission: Wireless
      Standard: ANT +
      bolt circle diameter: standard 130 mm
      Translation: 53-39
      Length crank arms: 165, 170, 172.5 or 175 mm
      Q: 147 mm
      compatible bottom bracket systems: BSA | BB90

      Weight: from 776g (Power Meter without bottom bracket)

      Power Control PC8

      Material: housing top 6061 aluminum
      Size Width | height | Depth: 71 mm | 63 mm | 20 mm
      Compatibility: for all power meters support the compatible ANT + protocol
      GPS: Yes, for tracking (switched off)
      Motion sensor: yes (integrated)
      Altimeter: yes (barometric)
      Display: freely configurable, color display can be inverted in color (black background)
      Backlight: yes (switched off)
      Training areas: up to seven, according to heart rate or power-Equipped
      Bike profiles: 4-Equipped
      See: Training Peaks, metrics TSS, IF, NP
      Data format: training data is saved as a file .fit
      Memory: 500 MB (approximately 4,000 hours)
      Battery: 1300 mAh Li-Polymer
      Battery Life: 10 - 45 hours
      Charging time: 4 - 12 hours (charger - PC USB)
      Standby Time: 3 Weeks
      Color: black, red or gray

      Weight: 93g (manufacturer)


      SRM Wireless PowerMeter 8
      SRM Power Control PC8
      Rotor 3D crank unit
      Practice Works chainrings
      Cadence Magnet
      ANT + Heartrate belt
      ANT + speed sensor
      Motorcycle Mounting
      Cadence Magnet
      USB download cable
      charger 110-220V
      SRM X software

      Matching inner bearings are separately available in the shop!

      Note the instructions for Battery Recycling

      Product weight:776g