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SRAM Tubeless Kit 23 mm

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Product weight: 33 g
Brands: SRAM

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SRAM tubeless kit 23 mm

Tubeless kit from SRAM for tubeless ready rims. The kit consists of a 23 millimeter wide tubeless tape for rims with a 19 millimeter inner width and 2x 42 millimeter long tubeless valves with a screw-out valve core. A valve core remover is also included. The tubeless kit includes rubber rings and attachments for the valves for optimum fit on different rim profiles.

NOTE: The kit may only be used with tubeless-ready rims!

Technical specifications:

Width tubeless tape: 23 mm (for 2 rims)
Compatibility rims: 19 millimeters inside width
Length of valves: 42 mm


Valves - 16g (2 valves including fitting pieces for rim)
Tubeless Kit - 33g

Scope of delivery:

- 1 x roll of tubeless tape (for 2 rims)
- 2 x tubeless valves 42 mm with screw-out valve core
- 2 x valve core removers
- Rubber rings and attachments for different rim profiles

The assembly:

1. Degrease the rim, e.g. with brake disc cleaner (you can find this under the heading Cleaning and accessories in our shop)

2. Glue a 20 cm strip of the tape, under tension, bubble-free over the valve hole.
IMPORTANT: Rub the strips carefully without bubbles!

3. Lay a layer of rim tape / stick it on under tension.
IMPORTANT: The two ends must overlap at the valve hole in order to have two layers of tape to secure the valve bolt. The whole tape must be rubbed into place without bubbles.

4. Make a small hole for the valve. Then push the valve through and secure with a knurled nut.

5. Pull the tires on completely and inflate them with compressed air. The tire jumps clearly audibly from approx. 2.2 bar into the correct position on the rim flange. If you have worked cleanly, the air lasts for about 10 minutes even without sealing milk.

6. Let the air out again. Rub the tire between the rim flange and the carcass with soapy water. This guarantees the best fit and also removes surface tension from the latex milk at the transition so that it is even better distributed in the pores. Unscrew the valve core from the valve.
Caution: do not bend the valve pin.
Then fill at least 60 ml of sealing milk (not included in the scope of delivery) in one place in the tire by removing the tire. Screw in the valve core again and inflate again with compressed air.

7. Now swivel and tap the impeller for several minutes so that the liquid is distributed. The optimal distribution occurs when the impeller is turning. If air escapes at one point, turn the relevant point downwards and shake vigorously again.