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SRAM RED complete Group 2x11 | BB30 for hydraulic Disc Brake

SRAM RED complete Group 2x11 | BB30 for hydraulic Disc Brake SRAM RED complete Group 2x11 | BB30 for hydraulic Disc Brake SRAM RED complete Group 2x11 | BB30 for hydraulic Disc Brake SRAM RED complete Group 2x11 | BB30 for hydraulic Disc Brake SRAM RED complete Group 2x11 | BB30 for hydraulic Disc Brake SRAM RED complete Group 2x11 | BB30 for hydraulic Disc Brake SRAM RED complete Group 2x11 | BB30 for hydraulic Disc Brake SRAM RED complete Group 2x11 | BB30 for hydraulic Disc Brake SRAM RED complete Group 2x11 | BB30 for hydraulic Disc Brake SRAM RED complete Group 2x11 | BB30 for hydraulic Disc Brake
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Bottom Bracket*

SRAM Truvativ bottom bracket PF30 | PressFit 30 Ceramic

The PressFit 30 combines all the best from BB30 and PressFit bottom bracket in a fantastic package. The PressFit 30 has a pre-seal in the shells to extend the shelf life even further. In PressFit 30 is the essential difference in the way in which the bearings are fitted into the frame. These are housed in nylon cups, which are pressed into the bottom bracket. This bottom bracket is specifically designed for 30mm spindle cranksets. Therefore, the bottom bracket housing must have an internal diameter of 46 mm in order to use this system.
The ceramic bearings offer reduced friction. The hard ceramic rolling elements are highly resistant and and allow a longer bearing life.

technical data:

Material: Nylon Kunsstoff
Stock: hybrid ceramic bearings
Setting: PressFit 30
Crankset: BB 30
Inner diameter bottom bracket: 46 mm
Housing width bottom bracket: 68 mm (road) or 73 mm (MTB)
Color: Black

Weight: 88 g

STI Lever with Brake without Rotor / Adapter*

Rear Derailleur*

Front Derailleur*

Braze on Adapter*




SRAM RED groupset 2x11 | BB30 for hydraulic disc brake

The RED 11-speed group is to be understood as art fireworks. As top flight SRAM built everything as prior art just possible. High-quality materials such as titanium, carbon, stainless steel and plastics also arise along with a sophisticated design class performance and low weight.

SRAM RED Double Tap brake lever - for hydraulic brake

These levers offer not only the crisp shift feel and light weight of the mechanical RED lever, but also the advantages of a hydraulically operated brake system. The venting of the system is extremely simple, the corresponding account is located at the highest point of the lever under the grip rubber. It just needs a Torx screw removed and the Avid Universal Bleedingkit are recognized.

The grip width of brake and gear levers can be adjusted separately.

SRAM RED rear derailleur

The RED 11-speed rear derailleur has been left virtually untouched compared to its predecessor. In this artwork only small changes were needed to establish the compatibility with 11-speed cassette. With Aeroglide jockey wheels for quiet running of the chain and ceramic bearings for minimized friction losses!

short cage for cassettes with up to 28 teeth
WiFLi medium cage for cassettes to 32 teeth

SRAM RED derailleur

The "Yaw" -Umwerfer only introduced to all the Red 2012 group. Thanks to a refined mechanism of not only the chain cage is moved in parallel but also about the vertical axle during switching operations - turned or the seat tube of the frame. This rotation compensates for the skew of the chain depending switched chainring combination. This removes the need to readjust the derailleur as in other systems!

SRAM RED BB30 crank

The SRAM RED 11-speed crank fulfilled everything you could want from a crank. Rigidity, excellent switching characteristics, low weight and compatibility with almost all bottom bracket standards. The integral design that unites crank and chainring spider in a component, it allows the material properties of carbon optimal use and to push the weight to a phenomenal level. The chainrings offer a high stiffness, which clearly favors the switching behavior. In addition, the gear design has been optimized for the Yaw front derailleur and its pivotal movement toward.

SRAM Bottom Brackets

High quality bearings are available in SRAM even in the standard version. With the option of hybrid ceramic bearings the durability and low rolling resistance can be improved.

SRAM XG-1190 cassette

The quality cassettes are produced almost entirely from one piece of steel with SRAM and find their completion in the largest pinion that is made of aluminum. This elaborate production method elliminiert numerous problems of conventional cartridges and is also extremely easy. The special construction of the SRAM cassette prevents pitting conventional, single pinion completely, since the power is transmitted to the freewheel body considerably large area.
The quality of the cartridge is to prove their quality by a low noise while driving. The tooth shape of the cassette has been optimized and supplemented by so-called "stealth ring", which dampen the noise further.

The 11-speed Road cassette from SRAM are only compatible with Shimano 11-speed freewheels! Appropriate wheels and conversion kits for older wheels and hubs are available from many producing!


A drive on the level of RED Group requires a highly optimized chain. With hollow pins and chain links having omissions this necklace is easy and thanks to the material used high loads. SRAM optimizes the chain even at the level of plant lubrication.

SRAM RED brakes - hydraulic disc brake

Disc brakes offer numerous advantages, and so are hardly leave sinking in MTB sector. The advantages are in racing bikes not as concise, fall thanks to ever more powerful material but increasingly significant. The powerful and precise braking in all weather conditions exceed rim brakes by far! In addition, the brake is separated as a heat source of the often sensitive tires. Especially in extreme situations, this can bring the decisive advantage!
With a disc brake system also eliminates the braking surface on the rim. This promises not only optical advantages but also allows the wheels without having to worry about loss of stability, easier to customize. The strengthening of the rim in the area of the braking surface may be omitted!

The brake system works with DOT 5.1 brake fluid. This medium is strictly normalized, providing a highly reliable operation even at high, caused by the brake temperatures.

Over the years, various standards have prevailed in the braking systems. An overview of these you can find in our product images.

Delivery without brake disc and adapter!

Total Weight: from 1901g (without bottom bracket and Anlötschelle)

Note: The total weight of the group differs depending on the configuration.

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