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    SRAM EX1 E-Bike complete Group 1x8

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      SRAM EX1 electric bike groupset 1x8

      Who wants to move its e-bike terrain sporty, brings its powertrain to its limits. Unclean shifts to load switching and cracks in the chain can be the result. The engineers SRAM have addressed these problems and brought to the market with the EX1 a switch group specifically for the requirements of e-bikes. With a Wide Range cassette with only 8 courses you can the extra power of the motor assist during acceleration perfect use, without having to turn too many gears. Equipped with the proven 1-up technologies of SRAM You can switch under load, without fear of chain bombings or material damage the gears intuitively.


      The EX1 derailleur builds on proven SRAM X-Horizon Design. This special Schaltwerksparallelogramm limits the movements of the switching mechanism on the horizontal axis and reduces ghost Shifting to a minimum, with higher switching power. Was optimized the EX1 derailleur for use with the EX1 E-Block 11-48 cassette. This combination also E-Bike succeed typical switching with high torque and low cadence problem. The X-Sync jockey wheels engage with their optimized Narrow Wide tooth profile perfectly with the EX1 chain and prevent in conjunction with the Type 3.0 vibration damping jumping off the chain. The tensioner is designed extra large with 14 teeth, which makes for a quieter and more resistant poorer run of the chain. For ease rear expanding the EX1 derailleur has a Cage Lock, with which the derailleur cage can relax.

      trigger Shifting

      The EX1 8-speed trigger switch is designed for precise and defined shifts. This is guaranteed by the proven X-Actuation of SRAM, which ensures a constant switching performance across the entire cassette. To prevent the interconnection may be removed with the EX1 trigger only individual gears turn, which is completely sufficient in combination with the EX1 8x wide-range cartridge. For a tidy cockpit and excellent ergonomics of the shifter EX1 with the SRAM Matchmaker Matchmaker or X can be mounted.


      The heart of the EX1 group, the XG-899 8-speed cassette. Your E-block technology is a fundamental innovation for derailleurs. Similar to Narrow Wide teeth at chainrings, the chain has on the pinions of the cassette a fixed position, and works with either the inner or outer plates of the chain. That allows, despite the large ratio steps of the Wide Range cassette optimal switching capacity in both directions at high torques. With 11-48 teeth, the cassette has a translation range of 436%, so you are prepared for the steepest ramps. The production of hardened tool steel ensures low wear and thereby a very long shelf life. Compatible is the cassette with all conventional Shimano / SRAM MTB freewheel bodies.


      At the chain particularly high demands are made in e-bikes. Finally, it must not only be able to transmit very high torque, but can also be a constant high power switch clean. The 1x8 drive the EX1 group the EX1 chain has significantly less skew than other switching groups. Therefore SRAM could construct a wider and more stable chain. In combination with the EX1 cassette she also offers during the gear change very high smoothness and can significantly higher forces than conventional transfer chains.


      The light EX1 crank arms are designed for medium motors of Bosch and Brose. Their rigid and robust design is also suitable for use in rough terrain. Available are the cranks with 170 mm or 175 mm crank length.

      NOTE: The crank is only suitable for e-bikes with motors means with ISIS Crank Up!


      The SRAM EX chainrings have been designed specifically for the Bosch e-bike motors means. In order to transmit the large torque of the engine without chain bombings, the teeth with the proven X-Sync tooth profile feature. The Alternating wide and narrow teeth engage in this profile perfectly with the chain and keep them also in rough terrain on the chainring. Special cut-outs at the base of the teeth acting in adverse conditions a silt of chain and chainring contrary. For a long life and to cope with for the forces of Bosch engines chainrings made of steel are produced. They are available with 14, 16 or 18 teeth.


      Derailleur - 285g
      Trigger Shifting - 122g
      Cassette - 360g
      Chain - 345g
      Crank - 500g

      Total weight - from 1662g

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