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SKF Bearing MTRX Solid Oil 61803/6803 2RS | 17 x 26 x 5 mm

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SKF Deep Groove Ball Bearing MTRX Solid Oil 61803/6803 2RS | 17 x 26 x 5 mm

The new benchmark in terms of storage technology for your bike.

What would a ride through the terrain be without mud, mud and water? Almost a wellness tour for the ball bearings installed in the bike. Depending on the route, heavy loads act on the components. Damming shocks through stone, root passages and long-lasting Wiegetritte load the bearing to a considerable extent.
Even more critical, however, is the continuous bombardment with dirt and the subsequent cleaning, which is often done with the high-pressure cleaner and is therefore anything but gentle for your bearings.

With MTRX you rely on driving pleasure instead of bearing change. But driving pleasure also includes a lot of mud, mud and dirt. If only your beloved mountain bike would not suffer as a result - especially the bearings, which can quickly refuse service, if the capillary effect gets water and dirt inside.

By transferring solid oil technology from the most demanding industrial applications to the MTB sector, SKF now has a powerful solution for bikes: MTRX. The "solid oil" of these bearings shields the individual bearing components like a protective shield against external influences.

Bearing changes are annoying. MTRX bearings were developed by engineers who are themselves bikers - just like you.
The bearings have been optimized and tested specifically for use in mountain bikes. Unlike conventional bearings, they do not use grease lubrication, but use an oil-impregnated polymer matrix.
This technology is known to SKF as "Solid Oil". This technology makes them particularly suitable for places in your bike that are exposed to heavy soiling.

The polymer material is pressed into the free space of the bearing. This leaves a very small gap between the polymer and the rolling elements or the raceways, which allows the unimpeded circulation of the bearing parts. The polymeric material has a sponge-like structure with millions of microscopic pores that retain the lubricating oil by the surface tension. During operation, the polymer matrix releases the lubricating oil into the small gap, thus ensuring effective lubrication.

A bearing filled with Solid Oil contains two to four times the amount of oil in a normal grease-filled bearing. Due to their lifetime lubrication they can not and must not be re-lubricated. Solid Oil can not be washed out and virtually fills the entire free space in the warehouse, minimizing the amount of dirt and debris that can enter the warehouse. In addition, the polymer matrix supports the integrated seals from the inside (eg during high-pressure cleaning) and thus additionally improves the sealing effect.

Maximize your time on the bike and experience limitless bike fun with MTRX. True to the motto: Don't worry. Just bike.

The most important features:
- No leaching of the lubricant possible
- Reduced risk of corrosion
- Larger lubricant reservoir
- Longer lubricant service life

Technical specifications:

Material: steel
Bearing Type: Deep groove ball bearing 61803/6803
Material: 100Cr6 bearing steel
Dimension AØxIØxB: 17x26x5 mm
Gasket: 2RS - double-sided sanding seal
Execution: Solid Oil Technology

Weight according to manufacturer:
Weight weighed: 8.2g

Scope of supply: 1x SKF deep groove ball bearing MTRX Solid Oil 61803/6803 2RS | 17 x 26 x 5 mm

Note: When inserting ball bearings always make sure that the bearing is always pressed in over the outer ring, which is also the seat of the bearing.
Example hub: The hub bearing are pressed in over the outer ring. The bearing may therefore only be pressed in via the outer ring. Never over the inner ring.