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    SIGMA SPORT Cycling Computer ROX 10.0

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      SIGMA SPORT Bike Computer ROX 10.0 GPS Kpmplettset

      The new ROX 10.0 GPS is the first bike computer SIGMA SPORT with GPS function. He convinces thanks to ANT-compatibility, GPS receiver and track navigation as a bike computer with something extra.
      Thanks to its five main functions, nine bicycle, nine Herzgrequenz-, eight power, five Height and various other functions, the ROX is 10 .0 GPS the perfect companion for the professional training athletes. The PC interface and the comprehensive evaluation and planning modules of DATA CENTER 3 including card access leave no wishes regarding analysis and planning of training and tours more open.
      All ROX bicycle computer can be connected by an additional purchasable docking station to the computer.


      The proven SIGMA TRANSMISSION SYSTEM is the fail-safe, digitally coded transmission system all station data from the speed transmitter, the cadence transmitter and the pulse transmitters for high quality one base unit and top models.
      The stations collect their received data and send it as a data packet to the integrated receiver in the computer. In addition, the transmitter periodically sends test data stored as data synchronization. External disturbances by other power sources or transmitter devices are excluded.

      Technical specifications:

      Color: black or white

      Bike functions

      Current speed
      Average speed
      maximum speed
      Comparison of actual speed to average speed
      put up
      Current development **
      Average unfolding **
      Current Cadence **
      Average cadence **
      Maximum cadence **

      Heart rate functions

      Current heart rate **
      Average heart rate **
      Maximum Heart Rate **
      HF% of HRmax **
      Average% of maximum heart rate **
      kcal **
      1 target zone **
      4 intensity zones **
      Automatic calculation of the intensity / target and RF zone (s) **


      training time
      driving time
      Time (12/24)

      Performance functions
      Current power (Formal / ANT +) ** / ***
      3 sec average power (Formal / ANT +) ** / ***
      30 sec average power (Formal / ANT +) ** / ***
      Average power (Formal / ANT +) ** / ***
      Maximum power (Formal / ANT +) ** / ***
      Work in kJ (Formal / ANT +) ** / ***
      Current Wattage / kg (Formal / ANT +) ** / ***
      1 power target zone (Formal / ANT +) ** / ***

      Temperature function

      Current temperature
      Minimum temperature
      Maximum temperature

      Altimeter functions

      Current level
      angle (in%)
      Current rate of climb
      Height profile of the next 3 km
      Height profile of the last 3 km

      Uphill Functions

      Altitude gain
      distance uphill
      Driving time uphill
      Average speed uphill
      Maximum rate of climb uphill
      Average uphill gradient
      Maximum incline uphill
      Average unfolding uphill **

      Downhill Functions

      Altitude loss
      track down
      Driving time downhill
      Average speed downhill
      Maximum rate of climb downhill
      Average angle downhill
      Maximum angle downhill
      Average unfolding downhill **

      Status functions

      Battery status display in%
      GPS accuracy
      GPS signal strength

      Navigation functions

      Time to Target
      Time on target
      Route to the destination
      Minitrack navigation for the next 1 km

      Favorite functions

      Favourites A
      favorites B

      Round functions

      Maximum number of laps (784)
      Display of the current round number
      Time since start
      Distance since start
      Average speed per lap
      Maximum speed per lap
      Average heart rate per lap
      Maximum heart rate per lap
      kcal per round
      Average cadence per round **
      Maximum cadence per round **
      Average output per round **
      Maximum power per round **
      Average amount per round
      Maximum amount per round
      Altitude gain per round
      Altitude loss per round
      Average angle per round
      Average gradient per round


      GPS receiver
      Battery status indicator Computer
      5 languages selectable
      Automatic start / stop (ON / OFF)
      Automatic detection of the second or third gear (3) **
      Duration of the backlight adjustable
      ZoneAlarm ON / OFF **
      adjustable contrast
      Switching from kmh / mph mode
      Back-up function by memory chip (total and setting values)
      Battery Type Receiver (battery)
      Battery type transmitter (CR 2032)
      13h battery life Receiver *
      1.4 years battery life Transmitter *
      Waterproof (IPX7)


      Total distance for a plurality of wheels (3)
      Total time for a plurality of wheels (3)
      Total kcal for a plurality of wheels (3)
      Overall Altitude gain for a plurality of wheels (3)
      Maximum height for a plurality of wheels (3)
      Total distance uphill for several wheels (3)
      Total ride time uphill for several wheels (3)
      Total altitude downhill for several wheels (3)
      Total distance downhill for several wheels (3)
      Total ride time downhill for several wheels (3)

      Height calibration

      3 pre-start ups
      Calibration via air pressure reduced to sea level
      Calibration via current altitude
      IAC +

      PC interface

      Transfer the settings to the bike computer
      Automatic LOG-Book
      about 249 hours bearing capacity
      Adjustable recording interval (1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 30s)
      Time calculation for selected save interval
      Transfer the tour data to the PC
      Transfer the totals for PC

      DATA CENTER 3 functions

      Individual memory evaluation
      Comparison of 2 individual memories
      Chart totals
      Equipment setting via PC
      Statistical evaluation
      Calendar function
      Graphical analysis of cycled trip
      Graphical display of speed
      Graphical display of cadence
      Graphical display of the heart rate
      Comparison of 2 LOG
      Distribution of heart rate zones
      Intensity zone distribution
      Override the initial height
      Subregion evaluation
      Print all evaluations
      Memo function
      Distance from LOG-sections / parts of the LOG

      1x ROX 10.0 GPS
      1x HOLDER FOR ROX 10.0 GPS
      1x USB CHARGER

      Please follow the instructions for battery regulation

      * Manufacturer information in one hour of use per day
      ** Optional with ROX 10.0 without transmitter
      *** The ROX 10.0 offers two ways of power display.
      Option 1 (formula): calculating the power of data by weight (rider + bike), wind resistance, incline, speed and cadence (cadence transmitter required).
      Option 2 (ANT + power meter): measuring the performance via ANT + power meter from a third party (eg SRM, etc.)