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SHIMANO XTR Di2 Group M9050 Trail 1-speed

SHIMANO XTR Di2 Group M9050 Trail 1-speed SHIMANO XTR Di2 Group M9050 Trail 1-speed SHIMANO XTR Di2 Group M9050 Trail 1-speed SHIMANO XTR Di2 Group M9050 Trail 1-speed SHIMANO XTR Di2 Group M9050 Trail 1-speed SHIMANO XTR Di2 Group M9050 Trail 1-speed SHIMANO XTR Di2 Group M9050 Trail 1-speed SHIMANO XTR Di2 Group M9050 Trail 1-speed SHIMANO XTR Di2 Group M9050 Trail 1-speed SHIMANO XTR Di2 Group M9050 Trail 1-speed
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Shimano XTR Di2 groupset M9050 Trail 1 times

Complete the eletronischen High End group of Shimano

This XTR Di2 complete set is ideal for race oriented riders who are looking for best drive and switching performance with low weight. The XTR Di2 group has over mechanical counterpart an even better shifting precision and speed.


BR-M9020 and M9020-BL
The Shimano XTR Trail brake provides low weight, precise controllability of the braking performance and excellent stability. For added stability, the caliper of stiffness reasons is executed in monoblock design and is additionally provided with cooling fins.

Weight: 460 g (pair without washers and adapter)


SM-RT99 Freeza, Centerlock
The XTR brake disc is manufactured in aluminum steel sandwich construction with additional cooling fins, thus ensuring optimum braking performance in wet and dry conditions.

Weight: 124 g - 91 g


RD-M9050 Shadow + GS (medium cage)
The XTR Di2 derailleur combines high switching performance with low weight. The gearshifts are accurate and fast.

Weight: approx 289 g


SW-M9050 Firebolt
Freely programmable electronic gearshift provide even more precise and faster gear changes with minimal effort.

Weight (right or left): ca. 64 g

Distribution A cockpit

Available with or without display.
Optimal for the use of XTR Di2 is the Juction A variant with information display (SC-M9050). At a glance, it displays all the important information such as battery level, gear position, shifting mode (manual or synchro) or suspension mode.
A radio button on the display enclosure allows fast the desired switching mode: Synchro 1, 2 or Synchro Manual select or change while driving. At the same time the display unit serves as a charging port as well as a connection port for the E-Tube software and has three E-Tube cable connections for peripheral system components.
The standard distribution do not have the full Fuktionsumfang the SC-M9050, but it can in the version with 5 connections additional components such z.Bsp. Spring elements are connected. However, programming is only possible via the PC interface.

Distributor B / Battery Bundle

The power source of the Di2 system is its battery. The bundles offered here are adapted to the particular installation of the system in or outside the frame. The respective Junction is assigned to the associated battery + support. When using the SM-BRT2 batteries for outdoor installation, the external mount SM-BCT1 is required. In it, the Junction B (distribution) is already integrated, moreover, it has an even higher number of usable ports. By 6 E-Tube ports a more generous extension of the existing system is possible. Peripheral components such as dampers, seatpost or power measurement can now be connected.

Shimano E-Tube System

The heart of the electronic XTR is Shimano E-Tube System, an affiliated through cable network for power and data transfer makes this group so unique. By freely programmable switches, to the creation of complete switching programs or suspension settings via the data bus, anything is possible.


FC-M9020-1 Trail
One of the easiest XTR cranks that ever existed. The stable carbon / aluminum construction garnished with freely selectable 1 triple chainrings offer optimal cadence and low weight. To record for trail riders, extra-wide Q-factor of 168 mm make it with the wide rear triangles of Fullys specifically.

Weight: from 583 g (with 30 teeth chainring)


CS-M9000 (11-40 teeth)
The XTR 11-speed cassette is characterized by its optimum gradation shifting performance, low weight and high wear resistance. An intelligent mix of aluminum, carbon, steel and titanium increases the service life, but at the same time reduces the weight of the cassette.

Weight: approx 331 g


The XTR 11-speed chain provides usual high switching performance and service life.

Weight: approx 247 g

Technical specifications:

Weight of the complete group: 1770 g (without brake, with internal cable routing)

Note: Weights may vary depending on the selected configuration.
Possibly required tools and accessories you will find in our shop.

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