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    POWER CORDZ Schaltzugset Prime MTB & Rennrad 60g

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    Product weight:60g
    Power Cordz
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      Power Cordz Schaltzugset MTB & Road

      Modern plastic fibers surpass traditional materials such as steel, titanium and aluminum in almost all respects. Wherever it comes also maximum stability at a minimum weight solve corresponding synthetic fibers in its various forms, therefore, the traditional metal materials from. With the Power Cordz brake and derailleur cables which now happens with bicycle brakes and gears.

      The trains consist inside of Zylon fibers that surpass with an enormous tensile strength, cut resistance and high stiffness at low weight even the known Kevlar. According Zylon is also particularly light and compact bulletproof vests used. The reliability of these fibers is at the highest level and exceeds the requirements necessary in everyday life of a bicycle by a multiple! The Zylonfasern are to obtain a very smooth and riebungsarme surface covered with nylon. This nylon is resistant to water, dirt and oils and ensures a Topfunktion that remains constant without maintenance for a long time.

      The "Prime" outer shell consists of a supporting structure made of aluminum and steel and provides optimum stiffness and light weight. The Supporting structure surrounding an inner liner, which is made of durable, ultra-smooth plastic. This liner reduces friction already with normal steel coatings significantly and reached a minimum of friction with the inner Cylon trains!

      The Cylon trains must be mounted for a gentle clamping with the supplied Grommet Clasp!

      Technical specifications:

      Compatibility: Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo
      Material soul of the train: Zylon
      Material coating of the train: Nylon
      Diameter train: 1.2 mm
      Length train: 200 cm
      Length sheath: 200 cm
      Material Case: aluminum and steel
      Outer diameter envelope: 5 mm
      Color train: black or white
      Colour Case: black or white

      Weight: about 60g for the complete

      ~ 5g per train - a classic brake cable made of steel weighs about 12g compared!
      ~ 24 g / m for the traction envelope

      Delivery: 2x trains, 1x sleeve 4x Grommet Clasp, 2x Liner (each about 7 cm), selection of necessary end caps

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