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OAKLEY Sunglasses SF16-C Ferrari Carbon Fiber | Prizm Daily Polarized OO6021-01

OAKLEY Sunglasses SF16-C Ferrari Carbon Fiber | Prizm Daily Polarized OO6021-01 OAKLEY Sunglasses SF16-C Ferrari Carbon Fiber | Prizm Daily Polarized OO6021-01 OAKLEY Sunglasses SF16-C Ferrari Carbon Fiber | Prizm Daily Polarized OO6021-01 OAKLEY Sunglasses SF16-C Ferrari Carbon Fiber | Prizm Daily Polarized OO6021-01
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OAKLEY SF16-C Ferrari Carbon Fiber | Prizm Daily Polarized OO6021-01

These glasses from the exklusiveb Ferrari Collection is only 2100 pieces Limited !!

With a passion developed Oakley sunglasses new.
the Americans packed with the new SF16-C pure everything hergibt the technology shelf of Oakley. And so raise the eh very high standard for design, performance and protection of innovation to continue.
Stylish, timeless spectacle of Oakley. The log with its distinctive design, brilliant optics and the premium technologies from the sport models such known drive to achieve peak performance. Here, in the Carbon bracket, which are worked in noble 3K Finish, provided on the inside with the Unobtaniumtechnologie. What also the seat has been optimized in addition to the comfort, whether once again the welding starts. It is the ideal companion in any situation. The hinge of the bracket function ore also a bit different, as you would expect.
There have been fitted with Carbon namely gas printer spring hinges.
For the known O Matter- frame material, the guys from Oakley have let something come special. There are incorporated additional titanium components.

Thus, the spectacle is an absolute eye-catcher, not only due to the lasered "Prancing Horse" in the left glass. So it is for every Ferraristi with a special recognition sign accidentally.

O Matter® frame material

This lightweight and comfortable, but at the same time extremely resistant frame material is particularly characterized by its optimal protection and flexible fit.

High Definition Optics® (HDO®)

The patented innovative manufacturing a unique optical accuracy and quality. A wide range of optional lens colors allows a reliable reduction of glare, better color perception, higher contrast and optimized depth perception. The optional Oakley polarization lenses block distracting glare, and without the glasses with ordinary polarized so troublesome side effects such as haze and distortion.

XYZ Optics®

Rear-drawn, highly curved lenses optimize vision and protect the eye. This strong glass curvature usually caused distortions created by the refraction of light. Oakley's XYZ Optics prevents this by a precise interaction between the glass and curvature of the human eye. The patented geometry ensures clarity at all angles of vision, even to the edge of the lenses. This allows optical correction in three dimensions-conventional sunglasses offer this only in two dimensions.


The spectacle Plutonite® lens material filters out 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC rays and harmful blue light components in the range up to 400 nm.


Ear pieces which are coated with this material, have an increased content of the glasses at elevated transpiration on. Thus, the glasses sitting at any time safely and securely.

Lens color Prizm Daily Polarized

Thus, the view is optimized for cyclists, by enhancing colors where the eye at the most sensitive is. To see rich, natural colors, while thanks to the excellent contrast of the glasses, everything takes off well. The improved contrast, it is much easier to track objects that move in an urban environment. This is important when they ride a bike through the city or on foot are. With these glasses, they see clearly in any situation.

Technical specifications:

Frame Color: Carbon Fiber
Frame Material: O Matter
Glass Material: Plutonite plastic
Lens color: Polarized Prizm Daily
Glass height: 38 mm
Glass Width: 63 mm
Frame Width: 133 mm
Bridge: 16 mm
Mirror: yes
Polarized: yes
Transitions: NO

Weight: 30g

Delivery: The glasses come with a microfiber bag and a special soft case.