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    OAKLEY Replacement Lenses Racing Jacket / Jawbone

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      OAKLEY Ersatzgläser Racing Jacket / Jawbone

      Sporty design for perfect fit - offering the Oakley Racing Jacket / Jawbone! To be prepared for all situations, the perfect glass should not be absent from such a high-quality spectacle. course Different sports have different demands. The color selection is playing not only in the appearance of the overall package, but also for the eye a significant role. Therefore, Oakley also offers the clear view different glasses without mirroring.

      For sports in which the sun is very low or often reflections occur, the Polarized glasses have to absorb disturbing light effects. The polarizing efficiency is over 99%.
      The same is true for photochromic lenses, if the lighting conditions change often, it is very comfortable to wear glasses, which adapts to the relevant conditions. Especially mountain biking, where shadow and light play their game, it is important to always have a good view. So the spectacle adapts its light transmittance of 10-50%.

      High Definition Optics® (HDO®)

      The patented innovative High Definition Optic - technology a unique optical accuracy and quality. A wide range of optional lens colors allows a reliable reduction of glare, better color perception, higher contrast and optimized depth perception. The optional Oakley polarization lenses block distracting glare, and without the glasses with ordinary polarized so troublesome side effects such as haze and distortion.

      XYZ Optics®

      By using these glasses, the vision improved in the peripheral areas of the spectacles, while the sides of the lenses offer improved protection against sun, wind and side impact.


      The spectacle Plutonite® lens material filters out 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC rays and harmful blue light components in the range up to 400 nm.

      Hydrophobic lens coating

      At a high wearing comfort and optical precision contributes the Oakley Hydrophobic lens coating. You repels dust and forms a barrier against contamination from the natural oil from the skin, fingerprints, lotions and sunscreens. Even water rolls off, so that there are no undesirable streaks and shiners. The shock resistance, both to shocks at high speed and such a large mass, meets all requirements of ANSI Z87.1 standards.

      Oakley Vented

      The air vents along the panel edges ensure optimum ventilation without being distracting to the eye. In addition, the fogging in the winter and at standstill is prevented.

      Oakley Polarized

      The polarized glasses allow an almost complete Glare reduction thanks to more than 99% polarization efficiency. So annoying glare and reflections (eg in wet asphalt) eliminated.

      Oakley Photochromic

      Sport Performance glasses to the light self-adjusting tint for flat to bright light. Thus, the contrasts are visible reinforced. What causes danger points are better recognized.

      Lens Color Clear

      This sports function glass is suitable for mild to bright conditions. The neutral light transmission ensures realistic color perception in different lighting conditions.

      Lens Color Grey

      This neutral lens is often used in everyday life, since it is due to the light transmittance of 18% for medium to bright light conditions.

      Lens Color Persimmon

      The orange tint a contrast-enhancing effect is obtained, making it suitable choice for use in the forest or snow. Thanks to the high light transmittance of 61%, the glasses are also for trips where areas with little light available.

      Lens Color Black Iridium

      For very bright lighting conditions. The outstanding general-purpose glass allows real color perceptions and sunny. The Iridium coating reduces glare. Light transmission: 10%.

      Lens Color Fire Iridium

      Is suitable for medium to bright light. It increases visual acuity. With Iridium coating, the glare is reduced. The light transmittance is 16%.

      Lens Color G30 Iridium

      Powerful sport glass for low light conditions. The pink tint with Iridium coating enhances the contrast and depth of field. Light transmission: 30%.

      Lens Color VR28 Blue Iridium

      Suitable for medium to bright light. The glass has a contrast-enhancing VR28® tint with Iridium coating for reinforcement of depth and reduce glare. Light transmission: 15%.

      Lens color Light Positive Red Iridium

      For medium light conditions. The neutral tint allows a more natural color vision. The Iridium coating increases the contrast. Light transmission: 40%.

      Lens Color Positive Red Iridium

      The neutral tint glass and the light transmittance of 15%, this glass is suitable for normal to bright light conditions. The Iridium coating ensures better contrast and reduced glare.

      Lens Color Slate Iridium

      For normal light. Neutral lens tint for more realistic color perception. With Iridium coating to reduce glare. The light transmittance is 23%.

      Lens Color Black Iridium Polarized

      Is an excellent all-purpose glass, and especially for sunny and extremely bright conditions suitable. Due to its neutral contrast and a light transmittance of 10%, it is suitable for all sports.

      Lens Color G30 Iridium Polarized

      Includes its pink base color and a light transmittance of 30% optimally
      suitable for cloudy conditions and diffuse light. The glass provides better depth perception and contrast enhancement especially in blues and greens. With Iridium coating to reduce glare from disturbing reflections.

      Lens Color Grey Polarized

      Lens color which is recommended with its light transmittance of 17% especially in medium to bright conditions. The neutral-purpose glass with a realistic color perception. Iridium coating and polarizing filters reduce glare to a minimum.

      Lens color OO Red Iridium Polarized

      These glasses are suitable with their light transmittance of 18% for light to medium light conditions. Glass tinting with iridium coating for appropriate contrast display. Polarized lenses to reduce glare at surfaces such as road asphalt or paving.

      Lens Color VR28 Black Iridium Polarized

      With a light transmittance of 18%, it is ideally suited for medium to bright light. The glass filters out blue light for contrast enhancement and improved depth perception in varying light conditions. The Iridium coating ensures a higher contrast adjustment and reduce glare.

      Lens color ClearBlack Iridium

      Thanks to Transitions® Photochromic Technology SOLFX the glasses automatically adapt to the surrounding light conditions. The light transmittance of the glass in the activated state (Black) is 10%, in very bright, a perfect glass coloring. When not activated, (Clear), the light transmittance of the glass 66%, the perfect glass staining for medium to cloudy weather.

      Lens Color G40 Photochromic

      With a light transmittance of 40%, it is ideally suited for moderate to very bright light. In the active state, when the glass color is dark inking the light transmittance is only 9%. By the pink hue to filter the light so as to improve the contrast. It also provides better depth perception in bad weather and wechselden conditions.

      Lens color Prizm Road

      Thus, the view is optimized for cyclists, by enhancing colors where the eye at the most sensitive is. To see rich, natural colors, while thanks to the excellent contrast of the glasses, everything takes off well. So cyclists can perceive sudden changes in soil faster.

      Lens color Prizm Trail

      Thus, the view is optimized for cyclists, by enhancing colors where the eye at the most sensitive is. So cyclists can perceive sudden changes in soil faster. Since the transition from sunny intervals can be seen clearly in shady woodlands. What is the contrast-enhanced glasses to adapt wchselnden Lichtverältnissen.

      Technical specifications:

      Glass colors: Clear, Grey, Persimmon, Black Iridium Polarized, G30 Polarized, Grey Polarized, OO Red Iridium Polarized, VR28 Polarized
      Clear Black Iridium Photocromic, G40 Photocromic, Prizm Road, Prizm Trail, Ice Iridium, Jade Iridium
      Glass height: 40 mm
      Glass Width: 62 mm

      Weight: 8g

      Product weight:8g

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