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    NOTUBES Tubelesskit Starter Kit

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    Yellow Tape

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      Notubes Tubelesskit Starter Kit

      The entry-level set in the world of tubeless cycling.
      This assembled kit is for use with NoTubes ZTR rims suitable (such as Olympic, podium, Alpine, Crest, 355, Arch, Race, Flow)

      Is included in this set:

      - 1 x roller Yellow Tape
      (sufficient for about 5 wheels)
      - 2 x Notubes ZTR valves
      - 1 x 0.5l NoTubes sealing milk

      Yellow tape with either 21 or 25 mm width
      21 mm: Crest, Olympic, Alpine, 355, Race, Podium, Arch, Arch EX
      25 mm: Arch EX, Arch, Flow, Flow EX

      You save 7,50 Euro as opposed to the single purchase

      The Assembly:

      1. Rim degrease eg with brake disk cleaner (this can be found under the heading available in our shop)

      2. Mark a 20 cm strip of the tape without bubbles on the valve hole. IMPORTANT: strips carefully rub hard with no bubbles!

      3. A ply Rim Tape Lay / stick under tension. IMPORTANT: The two ends must overlap at the valve hole, there to have the tape in two layers to secure the valve pin. The entire tape must be firmly rubbed blisters.

      4. preparting Small hole for the valve. Then push through the valve and secure with Rädelmutter.

      5. raise tire completely and inflate with compressed air. The tire jumps audibly from about 2.2 bar in the correct position on the rim flange. If you have worked clean, keep the air even without sealing milk for about 10 minutes.

      6. deflate again. Tire between rim and carcass rub Spüli liquor. This garaniert best seat and takes the transition additionally surface tension of the latex milk, so they are still better distributed in the pores. Unscrew the valve core from the valve.
      Caution: It does not bend valve bolt.
      Then fill at least 60 ml of milk in sealing tires. Either with a small syringe through the hole in the valve pin or by taking down the tire at one point. Valve core screw again and inflate again with compressed air.

      7. impeller now pivot and fluff up several minutes to allow liquid spreads. The optimum distribution is carried out at the wheel is spinning. If at one point even air out the affected area turn down and shake vigorously again.

      For normal standard rims as Mavic, Sun etc. use depending rim width and size the standard kit, Freeride Kit, Downhill Kit or cyclocross kit, which can also be bought in our shop!

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