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MUC-OFF Chain Lube Hydrodynamic Lube 50ml TEAM SKY

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Product weight: 70 g
Brands: Muc-Off

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MUC-OFF chain lubricant Hydrodynamic Chain Lube 50ml

Team Sky is known for its perfectionism in all areas of road cycling. Every little detail in training control, nutrition or material is scientifically analyzed and optimized. When the Muc-Off company, known for its high-quality wheel care products and oils, and the Sky team decided to jointly develop a chain lubricant, only a superlative product could be created.

Muc-Off achieved its breakthrough using more than 15 different formulas and over 25,000 test kilometers from Sky drivers. With their Hydrodynamic Lube, they found the perfect balance of maximum efficiency and the greatest possible environmental resistance. Not only could the Sky drivers experience the extremely low coefficient of friction on the road, it could also be quantified on the test bench. However, with the Hydrodynamic Lube you not only save a few watts due to the lower coefficient of friction, the durability of the components is also increased by preventing metal-to-metal friction. Made by hand in the UK, it contains only the best aviation additives. Since the Hydrodynmic Lube is particularly water-repellent, it is also suitable for use in poor weather conditions. That is why Muc Off also releases the oil for rough cyclocross use.

In addition to its outstanding lubricating properties, the supplied UV lamp is another special feature. Thanks to an integrated UV dye in the lubricant, the lamp can be used to check whether all parts of the chain are adequately lubricated.

Instructions for use:

1. Completely free the chain of dirt and degrease it

2. make sure the chain is dry

3. Shake the bottle vigorously and apply a not too large amount of Hydrodynamic Lube on both sides of the inside of the chain between the plates and rollers

4. Ideally, lubricate the chain 3-4 hours before departure

5. Check with the UV lamp whether the chain has been lubricated evenly with Hydrodynamic Lube

6. Carefully wipe away any excess lubricant

Scope of delivery: 1 bottle of 50 ml, 1 mini UV lamp
Weight: 70g

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