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MILEBA Saddle ProPo Custom Carbon 3K gold matt

MILEBA Saddle ProPo Custom Carbon 3K gold matt MILEBA Saddle ProPo Custom Carbon 3K gold matt MILEBA Saddle ProPo Custom Carbon 3K gold matt MILEBA Saddle ProPo Custom Carbon 3K gold matt
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MILEBA saddle propo Custom Carbon 3K matt gold


Mileba is a small but fine company from Germany, which is specialized in the production of bespoke sports accessories. You will receive a tailored saddle, which is completely adapted to your needs and produced to your optical needs. Available are three different widths and various adaptations to weight classes. Depending on body weight changes the structure of the saddle. The seat stays vary according to body weight of 6-9 mm in diameter. The saddle shell is adapted to the weight specified in the layer structure and thickness. The aim is to let flexen the saddle shell as much as possible without leaving the safety aspect except eye. Result: maximum comfort!
Weighing 53 g of Mileba propo full carbon saddle is the way a true lightweight!

16 different carbon surfaces, an optional cover and einlamenierte graphics, make the Mileba propo saddle for truly unique on every bike!

Info: The calculation of body weight carried Apparel and eventually occupied backpack / luggage.

Covers Standard or Comfort +

For the optional cover a fine and durable material is used. The microfibre cover with Lederhaptik is not only 20% lighter than leather, but also abrasion resistant. For an excellent function and appearance will cover not simply be glued to the saddle shell. There comes a specifically for the cover designed form for use, making it no disturbing transition between carbon fiber part in the front and the rear part with cover there. The saddle acts as a unified whole. There are no irritating edges that can chafe the expensive Shorts.

The Comfort + cover additionally, compared with the standard reference, a 3 mm thick layer of padding microgeschäumtem, particularly light and durable natural rubber. Riders and drivers who suffer from pain at the sitting bones, or simply need an extra comfort, meeting with the variant Comfort + a good choice.

custom graphics

An individual graphic makes your Mileba propo saddle unique.
The graphic is printed on a special carrier and introduced directly into the laminate. This imparts it with an almost unlimited durability and the surface of the saddle remains perfectly flat.
You decide whether you want to set with 1 to 2 designs accents (eg with a company logo or a logo on the sides) or whether you your Mileba propo with several want to miss designs a whole new appearance. Examples and options you get in the pictures and captions above.

Info: If you choose an optional graphics to the saddle, we will contact you to obtain further information to be discussed with you after your order by e-mail.

Made in Germany!

Technical specifications:

intended use: Road, Cyclocross, mountain bike (XC, Marathon, Tour)
Saddle shell: Carbon
Frame: Carbon
Option cover : Microfiber with Lederhaptik
Bracing diameter: approximately 6-9 mm (depending on rider weight)
Adjustment: 72 mm
Length: 260 mm
Width: 130 mm, 145 mm or 160 mm
Effective seat width: 99 mm, 114 mm or 129 mm
Surface: 3K gold
Finish: matt

from 53g (55Kg, 130 mm width, without cover )
from 71g (55kg, 130 mm width, cover standard)
from 80g (55Kg, 130 mm width, cover Comfort +)

Note: A Mileba propo tailored saddle is an individually produced product, which according to your
Wishes is produced for you. Due to the individual making this product
returnable or redemption!

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