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    LUPINE Helmet Light Betty R 14 5000 Lumen 26° Optik Bluetooth

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    Product weight:610g
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      LUPINE Helmet light Betty R 14 5000 lumens 26 ° optics Bluetooth

      There are situations in which you would like to take you to the head - but not have you!

      With the newly integrated Bluetooth module, you control the Betty R no longer exclusively via the button located on the lamp head, but now also via remote control or a free mobile app. The new Betty changed everything. With true 5000 lumens makes the night away!

      Lupines brightest and most versatile lamp is due to their impressive key data not for nothing known as Queen of the Night.
      Only Lupine can combine as many LED's in such a small and compact housing.
      The highly efficient converter electronics of Betty controls and always controls the maximum power according to the temperature conditions, continuously and quickly.
      In non-optimal cooling and hot housing performance temperature is controlled according shut. Damage to the LED is thus avoided, whether at 55 ° C or -30 ° C. The PCS (Power Control System) allows brightness control 0.3W to 45W in 11 stages and numerous customization options. Even simpler is the luminance control by the four adjustable levels.
      In the Smart Core battery hides a powerful electronics and a short pressure on the control panel of the current battery level is displayed in 20% increments. The advantage is obvious, the capacity can always be checked, whether the battery is in use, being charged or for two weeks in the hallway waiting for his cue.
      By pressing a button can be a red light or running light function switch. The likewise integrated balancing feature improves performance and battery life in addition.
      All sets are also supplied with the programmable Charger One made from lightweight aluminum.
      Also itself Betty raises by their robust, black coated (shoot pen), CNC machined housing with a polished cover beneficial from Allerlei from.
      The Betty R 14 lights at maximum power 2 hours at a time, by dimming the lighting duration can even be more than 12 days.

      Technical specifications:

      Material lamp head: CNC-milled, aluminum 6061-T6, Shot-peened, hard-anodized
      Lamp: 7-compartment Cree XM-L2 / XP-G
      Lens: 26 ° optics (Collimated Lens Technology)
      Luminosity: 45W LED with 5000 lumens
      Illumination range: 380m
      Dimensions: 55 x 44 mm (diameter x length)
      Protection class: IP 68 (waterproofing), IK 09 (impact strength)
      Color temperature: 6000K (5% tolerance)
      Battery: 13.2 Ah Li-Ion Smart Core
      Color: Black

      Weight (incl. Battery): 610g


      - 11 lighting levels
      - Center LED
      - SOS signal, alpine distress signal, RVLR, Flash
      - Taillight function (Smart Core battery)
      - Advanced Battery Management (Smart Core Technology)
      - Reservetank
      - Voltage display
      - Capacity display via LEDs
      - Battery warning in the lamp head
      - Deep
      - Operation via Bluetooth remote control or smartphone app

      Light output - Operating time:

      5000 lumens / 45W - 2:00
      3900 lumens / 34W - 2:45
      3200 lumens / 28W - 3:20
      2650 lumens / 22W - 4:20
      2050 lumens / 16W - 6:00
      1550 lumens / 12W - 8.00 am
      1050 lumens / 8W - 12:00
      520 lumen / 4W - 24:00 h
      270 lumen / 2W - 48:00 h
      160 lumen / 1W - 95:00 h
      30 lumens / 0.3W - 310: 00 h


      - Betty R7 lamp head 26 ° (45W) (incl. Helmet holder)
      - Smart Core battery 13.2 Ah
      - 60-bit remote control with holder
      - Charger One (2.5 A) with EU power supply (other available)
      - 12V car charger
      - 120 cm extension cable
      - Carrying Case
      - Front cover for 55 mm Photo Filter
      - 1x Velcro long
      - 1x Velcro short
      - instructions

      Note: May not be used on public roads! Please follow the instructions for battery regulation
      Manufacturers battery (secondary battery): BMZ / VRI GmbH. Helm is illustrative and is not included!

      Should a US or UK power supply is needed please see the Note-field at the end of the order!

      Product weight:610g