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KOGEL BEARINGS Seal Kit 6805 | Cross Seals Shimano and Campagnolo Ultra Torque Bearings

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KOGEL BEARINGS sealing kit 6805 | Cross Seals Shimano and Campagnolo Ultra Torque bearings

The people at Kogel Bearings believe that high-quality ceramic bearings are the measure of all things for ball bearings in bicycles.
Silicon nitride has a number of material properties that make it almost perfect for bicycle storage.
The material is extremely hard, wear-resistant, can be shaped into perfectly round balls with minimal tolerances and can be polished more smoothly than any metal. In addition, the material does not rust or corrode in any other way.

The bearing rings are made of hardened steel and polished. This is necessary to create a perfect, smooth tread for the ceramic balls.

Kogel Bearings offers two different types of seals for different applications: Road Seals, a minimal contact seal designed to run as smoothly as possible.
The cross seals, on the other hand, are designed for additional protection against external weather influences: dust, water and mud. It is excellently suited for CX, MTB or racing bike use if a maximum service life is important.

Kogel Bearings is aware that ceramic bearings have a bad reputation for durability. This is mostly due to the suboptimal quality of the bearings being sold as a high one.
A bearing must be designed and manufactured in a balanced way: the degree of hardness of the balls requires that they be combined with equally smooth and hard bearing tracks. Bearing cage, seals and greases must be coordinated to work perfectly.
If one of the components does not fit optimally, it reduces the performance of the entire bearing. The result is increased resistance, a shorter service life or even a total failure of the bearing.

To prove that Kogel Bearings believes in its products, they guarantee that the bearings will run flawlessly for at least 2 years.
If something breaks in the first year, Kogel will repair or replace the product without asking many questions.
Service is required after the first year. If the bearing is serviced by a qualified mechanic, i.e. cleaning, relubrication and replacement of the seals are carried out,
the guarantee is extended by another year.

The sealing kit is required if you subject your bottom bracket to regular (annual) maintenance. It is suitable for the 6805 bearings which Kogel uses on bottom brackets for Shimano Hollowtech ll and Campagnolo Ultra Torque cranks and consists of four replacement seals to maintain a complete bottom bracket.

Technical specifications:

Sealing: Cross Seals
intended use : Road, CX, Graver, MTB
Bearing shell material: aluminum
Material bearing: ceramic hybrid
Storage type: 6805
Crank shaft diameter: 24/25 mm
Compatibility crank: Shimano Hollowtech ll, SRAM GXP, Campagnolo Ultra Torque, FSA, rotor 24 mm
Camp: Kogel Bearings
Color green

Weight according to the manufacturer: not specified
Weight weighed: 2.2g (4 pieces)

Scope of delivery: 1x KOGEL BEARINGS sealing kit 6805 (4 replacement seals) | Cross Seals Shimano Hollowtech ll, Rotor, FSA and Campagnolo Ultra Torque bearings

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