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GERMAN:A. Suspension 26" Fork Kilo No.1.3

GERMAN:A. Suspension 26  Fork Kilo No.1.3 GERMAN:A. Suspension 26  Fork Kilo No.1.3 GERMAN:A. Suspension 26  Fork Kilo No.1.3 GERMAN:A. Suspension 26  Fork Kilo No.1.3 GERMAN:A. Suspension 26  Fork Kilo No.1.3 GERMAN:A. Suspension 26  Fork Kilo No.1.3
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  • Spring Rate
  • Lockout
  • V-Brake Option


GERMAN: A. Fork 26 "Kilo No.1.3

The revolution in suspension fork technology!

INDIVIDUALITY - the KILO No.1.3 is very special:
Enjoy the superiority, the lightweight and the distinct feeling of being on the road with the top of what is technically feasible!
The model KILO No.1.3 in high-strength aluminum, currently represents the scale at 1,390 g Weight (with full length shaft)! The KILO provides an extremely sensitive response (responsible for this, the wheel trajectory), a high rigidity (due to the one-piece welded construction), its stable steering behavior (determined by the caster) and the anti-dive effect (wheel control and traction).

balancing servo

The balancing servo causes, as opposed to a conventional telescopic fork that changed during compression, the geometry of the chassis is positive and the steering stability is maintained. The front wheel therefore retains its directional stability and allows for better control in tricky driving situations.

Anti-dive effect

The anti-dive effect causes braking the fork compresses maximum of 40% of the total travel. This is still half the spring travel to disposal and the fork may continue to work optimally.

Wheel trajectory

The front hub describes when bouncing the wheel trajectory. By using the trapezoidal system is formed an arcuate curve and thereby enables a more sensitive response, as opposed to the linear curve with a telescopic fork. High-frequency shocks are also filtered out even better.

Technical specifications:

Material: alloyed aluminum CNC machined, forging manufacturing,
Travel: 90 mm
Shank: 1 1/8 "aluminum 250 mm
Installation height: 480 mm (26 ")
Disc Brake: IS 2000 standard (max 180mm disc.) Or optional V-Brake
bearing: Rolling 8x
Suspension: air, continuously adjustable
Attenuation: silicone oil, rebound adjustable
Damper options: sprung struts (with different spring rates, depending on rider weight)
Lockout: optional remote lockout (+ 100g)
Color: Black

Weight: fork from 1.390 g (sprung struts with 70kg spring)

Note: The fork is larger designed for 70 degrees rake! Racers and heavier bikers recommend steamer the AiR-force Kilo. This weighs 40g more and is also available as an option with the lockout handlebar remote.

Additional color changes to bottom, crown and Hebelei and Lowriderösen, lamps and fender mounts are optional at extra cost, please contact to our customer service.

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