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FOX Suspensionfork 26" Float 32 P-S 120 3-Pos Grip Performance 2017 black | blk/wht Logo QR 1 1/8"

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  • List Price: 669,00 €
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FOX suspension fork 26 "Float 32 PS 120 3-Pos Grip Performance 2017 black | blk / wht Logo QR 1 1/8"

The entry into the world of suspension fork Fox. Although a bit easier constructed Fit4 system, the dampers have but with the closed cartridge the same structural design. The result is that the fork is considerably higher in the spring travel and a smoother suspension fork while maintaining performance.
Different tuning options provide the best performance on the trail, provided that they are set correctly. And therein lies the problem - many hobby riders are overtaxed and recharge by incorrect settings not correct the potential of your suspension from. The result - more frustration than pleasure while biking.
To prevent such problems in the future, Fox has made thoughts and developed the 3-pos system.
This simplifies extremely the compression tuning and suspension settings to each other, enabling unprecedented performance and harmony of your undercarriage.
The new developed air negative spring desire a finer response has been very well implemented on even the smallest shocks.
Thanks to the included Volumenspacer the air chamber can be adapted individually to the respective optimal personal driving behavior and preferences.

Fox was his 32er forks optimize another time without losing rigidity. This is achieved through lighter Castings, a modified fork crown and a change in negative air chamber.
32 mm stanchions with reduced friction coating, exclusive SKF seals and the closed cartridge which makes a larger 10 mm diameter for sensibelstes response over a long lifetime.

The new, inspired by motocross technology, GRIP damper cartridge works with a spring in my biased, independently operating, floating piston. The GRIP technique allows the excess damping oil through ports at the upper end of the damper to flow, resulting in a uniform damping guaranteed and increases durability. The forks of the Performance Series range provide the modes Open, Medium and Firm and an additional Feinjustiermöglichkeit between these three basic settings.

3- POS
Is an intuitive driving dynamics system with preset pressure level with 3 different modes:. Open, Medium and Firm Thus, the driver simply needs to order the adjustment of spring preload and rebound care.

In open mode, the pressure stage works in open mode and shines with absolutely sensitive response downhill.
The medium mode works with a semi-open low-speed compression and thus forms the optimum compromise between Pedaliereffizienz and traction.
In Firm fashion a completely enclosed low-speed compression effectively avoids undershoot of the chassis and can climb the bike with ease.

Air volume Spacer
The FLOAT air spring forks and shocks can be finely adjusted by using Volumenspacern to tune the spring elements of progressive or less progressive. This allows the driver to fine-adjust the suspension exactly according to his needs.

Technical specifications:

Head tube diameter: 1 1/8 "
Travel: 120 mm
Suspension: air
Attenuation: Grip closed cartridge
Possible settings: 3-pos Druckkstufe, rebound, air pressure, the air volume
Tubes: 32 mm aluminum with low friction coating
Lowers: Aluminium
Offset: 39 mm
Brake Mount: 6 "Post Mount
Disc size: max. 203 mm
axle type: Quick Release
Color: black, Logo black / white

Weight: 1.620g

Delivery: fork, headset claw, Volumenspacer, Service book, instruction manual and stickers

Note: Contrary to the figure, the fork is set as described with quick tensioner case ends!

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