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FIZIK Saddle Kurve Bull Carbon black

FIZIK Saddle Kurve Bull Carbon black FIZIK Saddle Kurve Bull Carbon black
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FIZIK saddle curve Bull Carbon black

With the curve Fizik sets for the comfort of the saddle is not on the padded saddle blanket, but on the saddle base. This is formed by the Mobius Rail said saddle frame with a circular rear suspension and very far outlying contact points for saddle shell, which flexible from various, different composite materials constructed. the ceiling forms a load path, over the surface to different extents compressed foam with Microtex surface. by means of an exchangeable tuner the saddlecloth can either soft or hard are biased. The result is an extremely flexible saddle which supports every movement of the driver. Particularly flexible areas provide increased elasticity at the contact points to the driver (buttock and perineum), thus providing superior comfort. After developed by Fizik Spine Concept of curve Bull has been developed for the upper body less mobile driver.

Fizik Spine Concept

The Fizik Spine Concept helps you to find the right saddle. It divides the driver after the suppleness of the spine, through which different requirements on the saddle give to sit ergonomically and long distance free of pain on the bike. For the very articulated driver Fizik has developed the models made for Snake, which comparatively fail long and flat. With very flexible drivers the brunt always sitting on the seat bone and therefore they require little padding. The less flexible driver tends abzukippen forward, especially if it takes a streamlined position on the bike with the pelvis. For this type of driver which made for Bull models are suitable to provide a better support of the basin with its backward rising shape and have a little more padding. The gap between these two models fill the made for Chameleon models with a slightly flatter line than the Bull models and slightly more padding than the Snake models.

Re: flex shell

The saddle shell is made of different composite composites, which have different degrees of hardness.

Carbon Braided frame

The Braided Saddle Rack of braided carbon fibers with a core of uni-directional carbon-fibers, wich increases resistance more than standard carbon can offer frames.

Wing Flex

The WING FLEX pages turn in the critical area where the thighs come with the saddle in contact in order to enable a more efficient movement with less resistance when pedaling. This system allows you to find the most comfortable seating position.

Integrated Clip System

The ICS System is an integrated saddle on ability to ICS-compatible saddlebags or taillights tools and safely attach in no time. On the underside of the saddle shell and it does not bring only a negligible increase in weight with it. The appearance of the saddle

Technical specifications:

intended use: Road, Cyclocross, MTB Race
Saddlecloth: elastic cover
Saddle shell: Re: flex Composite
Frame: Mobius Braided Carbon 7x 9 mm
Color: Black
Dimensions: 146 x 265 mm

Weight: 185g (manufacturer)

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