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    CANNONDALE Suspension Fork 26" Lefty Olaf Fatbike PBR 100 mm

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      CANNONDALE Suspension Fork 26 "Lefty Olaf Fatbike PBR 100 mm

      The Lefty is one of the references in many years cover to stiffness and damping performance. Lefty Olaf comes with numerous enhancements and optimizations for the Fatbike pilots.

      Why is a lefty so easily?

      Simply because the one-arm double-bridge construction with less material gets along as a normal fork with two fork arms. All necessary components found in a fork arm into place and material can be used specifically as where the stresses are greatest. The OPI Technology (One Piece Integration), wherein the components which were previously composed of two different parts, now consist of only one component, saving additional weight and increased rigidity.

      Why is the Lefty rigid?

      The stiffness of the Lefty is based on five points: The double bridge, the large pipe diameter, the upside-down design, the 4-socket connection between still and dip tube and the OPI technology. The double bridge design transfers the forces evenly into the oversized head tube from which then initiates this in the frame. In a standard fork this power transmitting only happens on a yoke which the force is applied unevenly. The upside-down construction moves the stable components on the fork upward where the largest forces occur. Head tube (1.56 "), and standpipe (46 mm) increase the rigidity significantly compared to telescopic forks with 1 1/8" tube. Also unique is the combination of state and dip tubes is inserted a 4 square tube in a 4 square tube which are connected together by the needle bearing 60 (4 strips with 15 needles) and a slide bearing. These two tubes are forced by their shape to deform together what the stiffness increased again. The OPI technology on the one hand reduces the weight makes it possible complex components in one piece to manufacture and thus adapt to the occurring loads and not for two components to do this separately, which are then also stable as possible to each other.

      Why Lefty responds better?

      The answer lies in the built-in each Lefty needle bearings. A normal telescopic fork is running normally on four bushes, a Lefty "rolls" on 60 needle bearings. For optimum fork responds much faster and more sensitive.
      From model year 2013, the completely revised telescope unit with "Sealed hybrid Needle Bearing Technology" which bearings and needle roller bearings for improved sealing and optimized response is connecting. Furthermore, the needle bearing the Lefty's with a self resetting function are fitted which ensures the full stroke of the telescope on a permanent unrestricted. To coarse dirt and stone to reduce the "attack" now counts a Fender in motocross style on the equipment.

      PBR (Push-Button rebound) equipped models come with easy to reach by the shortest route from the handlebar grip on the fork crown, manual key-lockout and externally adjustable rebound. The Lefty Olaf PBR has an aluminum standpipe unit and a OPI drop tube assembly ( axle and dip tube are forged in one piece of aluminum). The fork is designed for disc brakes up to 203mm.

      An axial offset (offset) of 60 mm combined with a flat rake allows smooth running at top speed as well as maneuverability at low speeds.
      The damper fork has been revised and has now received a high-flow piston with a trail vote.

      With its 100mm travel it is ideal for trail inserts on Fatbike.

      INFO: The Lefty Olaf requires Cannondale Lefty 73 hub (KH162 /).

      Technical specifications:

      Head tube diameter: 39,6mm
      Travel: 100 mm
      Suspension: Solo Air air suspension (self-adjusting positive and negative air chamber)
      Attenuation: open oil bath, remote Lockout
      Standpipe: Aluminum
      Dip tube: aluminum, axle and dropout of aluminum
      Installation height: mm
      Offset: 60 mm
      Head tube length: 97 mm, 110 mm, 122 mm or 134
      Adjustability: air pressure, lockable damper with adjustable rebound and volume compensator
      Disc brake: IS-2000 mount
      Max. 203 mm disc diameter
      Color: Black

      Weight: 2290g (without head tube)


      You will receive a discount of 100 euros on a hand we have built wheelset when buying these Cannondale Lefty Olaf Gabel.

      Product weight:2290g

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