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AX LIGHTNESS Wheelset 27,5" | 650B Ultra MTB U 27,5C | Extralite HyperFront / HyperRear 1.125g

AX LIGHTNESS Wheelset 27,5 | 650B Ultra MTB U 27,5C | Extralite HyperFront / HyperRear 1.125g AX LIGHTNESS Wheelset 27,5 | 650B Ultra MTB U 27,5C | Extralite HyperFront / HyperRear 1.125g AX LIGHTNESS Wheelset 27,5 | 650B Ultra MTB U 27,5C | Extralite HyperFront / HyperRear 1.125g
  • Our price : 2.990,00 €
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  • List Price: 2.990,00 €
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  • Axle Standard Frontwheel
  • Axle Standard Rearwheel
  • Freehub Body


AX LIGHTNESS wheelset 27.5 "| 650B Ultra MTB U 27,5C | Extralite Hyper Front / HyperRear

What's the greatest feeling in others, is just standard in AX Lightness. Ultra lightweight wheels and extremely resilient hubs are for the specialists from Creußen simply a matter of course! The Ultra CC Clincher wheels are in contrast to the normal SRT CC Clincher rims further optimized. Small, in the production of extremely complex changes let the total weight to previously unheard of levels drop!
The wheels were developed in Germany by AX Lightness and produced under constant quality control. It is petty respected it that the laminate is constructed always optimal from highly durable carbon fiber. Damage to the fibers can be avoided, to achieve the maximum stability with minimum weight can. The necessary in the rim holes are therefore not drilled as cheaper wheels through the fibers passes but factory laminated with reinforcements. This increases the workload of all process steps away significantly, however, leads to a significantly better product! The highly optimized wheels offer an enormous stiffness despite the low weight and are largely immune to ordinary, minor breakdowns.
Width rims are the key to the unlocking the full potential of a tire. A wide rim makes the tires dampen vertical at low air pressure without side bend away in curves and builds better grip and traction on. Positive Nebeneffekt- the improved vertical cushioning also helps to conserve the driver.
By SRT technology in conjunction with the bulky cross-section of the rim, the wheels are very stiff. The rim flanges are either milled or otherwise reworked mechanically, but laminated to a piece by hand and with continuous grain. This has the horn on a significantly higher strength and stability, which allows very good emergency running properties. The pronounced edge and Clincherwulst also ensure a more secure grip of the tire, added safety in the event of air loss..
At the center of the wheel set Extralite HyperHubs stand 2. These hubs, which highly optimized designs using modern computer technology are possible. Extralite developed the hub by means of simulation programs and all kinds of knowledge and reaches constantly new weight records. Here no loss in stability and durability to be accepted! The bearings used have sealing washers, which are supported by an external dust cap and rubber gasket. This double seal system exceeds its effectiveness many, clearly heavy hubs on the market!
The freewheel is realized at Extralite via a toothed wheel made of aluminum, which engages directly into the teeth of the freewheel body. The integrated construction of the mechanics also saves considerably weight.

The HyperHubs 2 feature an improved seal between hub and freewheel, which in a better sealing effect equal bleibener, low friction. In addition, the connection between pulley and hub body has been optimized. If these teeth become worn it is now possible a new pulley employ slightly offset and thus to double the service life.

Technical specifications:

intended use: MTB Cross Country
Rims: AX Litghtness Ultra CC 27.5 "Clincher
Tyre Type: Folding and clincher (Clincher)
Brake type: disc
Height rims: 30 mm front
Width rim: 33.5 mm
Rim width rim: 25 mm
Hole numbers: 28/28 hole (front / rear)
Hubs: Extralite Hyper Front (Hyperlefty) / HyperRear
Disc mount: 6-hole (IS2000)
Achsstandard front: Quick Release or 15mm thru axle
Achsstandard rear: Quick Release or 142x12 mm thru axle (X-12 | E-Thru | Maxle 142)
Freewheel body: 8-, 9-, 10-speed Shimano or SRAM 11-speed XD (XX1, X01, X1)
Spokes: DT Swiss Aerolite, black
Spoke tension: 1300 N
Nipple: Outboard
Finish Rims: 3k weave glossy
Max. Rider weight: 100 kg

Weight: 1125 grams per wheelset, without decals (with decals + 20g)

Delivery: 1x wheelset

Note: quick release / quick-release axles and brake discs must be purchased separately.

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